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Gadgets and Gifts for your Golfing Dad

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The sports world made a big step forward thanks to technology in the last few years. Progress in terms of video, detection of metrics and data recording makes it much easier to catch, review and improve your moves.

Gadgets and Gifts for your Golfing Dad

I don’t know of any Dad who wouldn’t be happy with a little gift that can help improve his golf game. And one gadget that can help him with that task is the Blast Golf Precision Motion Sensor.

Record and measure dunks

If you have teenage hoopsters, you know they can’t get enough of watching and sharing their exploits on the basketball court. The Blast Basketball Replay app will give your would-be LeBron a way to analyze his moves and share the best clips on social media. VIEW ARTICLE

Blast Action Replay

Whether you are attempting a new skate jump, hitting the course with your BMX bike or even on your dirt bike, don’t forget the Blast Action Replay motion sensor.