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Support – NEW - Easton Power Sensor

Easton Power Sensor App has been Retired

In order to continue using your Easton Power Sensor (sensor), simply download the Blast Baseball app (no charge) if you haven’t already upgraded. You’ll use your Easton Power Sensor account login credentials to sign into the Blast Baseball app. The first time you sign in, the Blast Baseball app will walk you through a one-time data migration process. (details below in the “How to Upgrade” section)

With Blast Baseball, you’ll gain access to the Official Bat Sensor Technology of Major League Baseball, new metrics, and all the great features we have introduced recently to help you train smarter and get better. Blast Baseball has a new set of core metrics and we have added advanced metrics based on feedback from pro teams, coaches, and academies. The three advanced metrics are enabled by entering your Blast Connect login credentials. The new metrics are available now on iOS and coming soon to Android.

New features in Blast Baseball include Side-by-Side Swing Comparison (iOS), Sessions (iOS/Android), Coach Mode (iOS), Goals (iOS/Android), Portrait Video (iOS/Android), new ways to see your progress, manage your videos, and more!

How to Upgrade to the Blast Baseball App

Go to the Apple app store or Google Play store and search for the “Blast Baseball” app, then install it. After you have installed the Blast Baseball app, tap the icon and log in with your Easton Power Sensor account credentials. The first time you login, the app will run a one-time migration process to pull in your videos and data into the Blast Baseball app from the Easton Power Sensor app.

IMPORTANT: Once your data has been migrated, uninstall the Easton Power Sensor app.  If you use the Easton Power Sensor app post migration, your videos and data will not be available from within the Blast Baseball app.

Blast Baseball – New Features in iOS Release 4.1 from Blast Motion on Vimeo.

If you need assistance, we’re here to help. Submit a help desk ticket onlineor give us a call at (855) 632-5278.