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Blast Baseball - iOS

Get Started

         Congratulations on the purchase of the Baseball 360!  The package includes: Precision Swing Motion Sensor, Bat attachment, Wireless Charger, Micro-USB cable for charging pad, and the Get Started guide.

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  1.  Take the sensor and charger out of the package. Once you have connected the charger to a USB connection place the sensor on the Charger. The charger’s color LED lights will indicate the status of the sensor. To fully charge the sensor it takes 60 minutes. The sensor battery can last for seven days in standby, but battery life will differ based on usage.
  • If the sensor is fully charged it doesn’t reset the charging sequence. The light will show red on the charger when placing the sensor back on the charging pad.
  • LED colors:  1. Red LED – The charger is not active (the sensor is not on the charger or the sensor is fully charged)  2. Blue LED – The sensor is charging.  3. Green LED – The sensor is completely charged. The Green light will change to red LED after the charging sequence has stopped.
  1. Download the Blast Baseball 360 app from the App Store or Watch and install it on your device.

3.   Start the app and sign in as a new user by selecting the Register button.  If you’re an existing user tap on Sign In to access your account to enter your email and password.  Tap ‘Forgot Password‘ to reset your password, enter the email address you use to sign into Blast Baseball 360.



  • Please save your email address and password for your records. A sensor can only be registered and paired to one email account.
  • The same sensor can be used on multiple devices provided you sign in with the email and password used to register the sensor originally.img_1335img_1609
  • Tap on ‘About Blast Baseball 360 Sensor’ to learn more and purchase sensor with Apple Pay.
  1. The charging pairing screen will become visible. Tap the right arrow button to move to the next screen.     img_1364
  2. There are three different options to pair the sensor.
    1. First option: Tap on “Scan Sensor Serial Number.” The camera will open on your device. Place the sensor on a flat surface with the back of the sensor up. Focus the green circle around the sensor and the green box around the sensor bar code. Once the bar code is focused, the previous screen will be visible and will proceed to the shake screen. Tap on the I-icon next to “Scan Sensor Serial Number” to view sensor serial number location.
    2. Second option: “Enter Sensor Serial Number” on the back of the sensor. Tap in the white box to type in the serial number and hit the arrow on the right to enter.
    3. Third option: If you do not have the serial number on the back of the sensor or the bottom of the packaging box, tap on the “I don’t have a serial number.”


  3. Wake the sensor to pair it with your device.
    1. Point the Blast Logo towards the ground for two seconds.
    2. Point the Blast Logo towards the sky for two seconds.
    3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until the sensor connects.
    4. If the sensor has already been assigned to a different email address you will get an error and will be directed to customer support.  The MAC address will be identified in the error message.
    5. Once sensor is paired it may require a firmware update, which will start automatically.
  4. Place the sensor in the attachment with the Blast Motion Icon visible on the top of the bat. img_1363
  5. Place the attachment onto your bat.  For best results ensure that  the attachment is all the way on so that the sensor is touching the knob of the bat.
    • For accuracy purposes, setup your bat as the length, type, and weights of bats are all different and each of those items affects the results of the action. To setup the bat, go to Setting > Bat > Add new Bat. Add the Brand, Model, Nickname, Length, and Weight. If your bat isn’t listed, select another option. Once your bat has been created, you have an option to connect the bat. or create another bat.
    • img_1372
  1. Take your first swing with the Blast Baseball and start tracking your metrics.


*Must make contact with ball to get metrics.