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Blast Connect Golf – Coach Profile

Quick Start Summary:

  1. Sign in
  • Have owner add a new student to (team/academy’s name) and they will get notified via email to register for a Blast Connect account
  1. Connect (For Blast Golf 360 Sensor Users)
  • Pair charged sensor with Blast Golf 360 App
  • Secure sensor to club using attachment – Making sure the sensor logo is facing out. The Blast man’s head is facing towards the club head.
  • Add club in settings to improve metric accuracy or continue with quick start


  1. Capture
  • Receive instant feedback and automatically curated highlights with Smart Video Capture
  • Strokes without video, and even offline strokes will still collect data
  • Don’t have a Blast Golf Sensor? You can capture videos of your strokes on any device!
  1. Analyze
  • Link Blast Connect account to student’s Blast Sensor for complete Golf 360 functionality
  • Blast Golf metrics are automatically updated in your Blast Connect profile
  • Choose which videos to upload to Blast Connect from your Golf 360 app or other recording device
  • Explore the unique features of Blast Connect:
    • Analyze video with the ability to annotate directly on the screen
    • Evaluate blast metrics and trends
    • Examine workout and practice statistics
    • Easily share information with your players, teammates and coaches


Congratulations on taking the first step to improving your game. To get started, head to the Blast Connect page: https://blastmotion.com/products/blastconnect/golf/ for individual users. If part of an Academy, a specific URL is created that will be emailed to the users. There are multiple ways to register your account: individual, player, coach, or Owner/Academy.

Individual: Select on ‘Get Started’ link. Register your account by typing in your First Name, Last Name, Email, Password, Confirmed Password and agree to terms of service. Select continue to proceed. Select a subscription plan and enter your card information. Select the subscribe button to Blast Connect to proceed. When completed, the following message will appear: “your Blast Connect account has been successfully created! Thank you for subscribing. Please login to continue.”

Player, Coach: Contact the owner to add a new student to the academy. Once added to the academy the user will receive activation email for the Blast Connect. Select the link from the email to register your account by typing in your First Name, Last Name, Email, Password, Confirmed Password and agree to terms of service. Select continue to proceed. Select a subscription plan and enter your card information. Select the subscribe button to blast connect to proceed. When completed, the following message will appear: “your Blast Connect account has been successfully created! Thank you for subscribing. Please login to continue.”

Self-Serve Coach/Academy: Users can now create a Coach or Academy profile with the self-serve options. Select on ‘Get Started,’ then select on Coach or Academy. Register your account by typing Academy Name, Sub Domain, and Logo. Finish the registration with owner information of First Name, Last Name, Email, Password, and Password Confirmation. Tap on the terms of service box, then select on “create account.” The next screen is the Payment Detail screen. Fill out the Cardholder Name, Card Number, CVC Security Code, and Expires to enable the “Subscribe to Blast Connect” button. Once completed, an “Account Successfully Created” message will appear and a button to “Continue to Dashboard” will be visible. Click on this button to complete the process.

Help: The footer Help link is a premiere online tool for understanding the Blast Connect. Blast Connect compiled the following information to help you quickly and easily use the site:

  • Getting Started – The quick links on the page show support videos.
  • Frequently Asked Questions – The most common questions answered.
  • Contact Us – Short form to contact Customer Support with questions.
  • Support Information: Customer Support number and support hours.

Getting Started

  • Update your Profile. Providing your name and image will make communicating with your coaches a lot easier.
  • Check out your library where you can upload videos, images and other files.  Analyze > Library
  • Test your skills on and see where you rank!  Assess
  • Follow the progress of your friends and fellow competitors.
  • Record a round of golf. Or two! The data you enter will began to give you an incredibly detailed look at your game. Play


The Dashboard is your timeline of activities. The Dashboard also provides links to navigate throughout the app. Tap on the world icon to get to the Dashboard page. The Dashboard consists of the following link options:



  • Dashboard – Timeline of activities where admin users can view activities of their academy.
  • Analysis – Access to the library (and video analysis tool) as well as your Blast Metrics.
    • Metrics – Synced metrics collected from the Blast Cloud
    • Video Analysis – Link to Video Analyzer
    • Media Library – Stored videos and pictures.
  • Training
    • Training Center – Collection of Blast Motion Training Videos
    • Workouts/Practices – A list of workout with descriptions and practices. Ability to add new workouts and practices.
  • Assessments – Create and customize skills assessments.
  • Rounds – Add and track rounds of where you are playing.


Dashboard shows the top Key Metrics at the top of the page. Practices Completed, Workout Completed, and Rounds Played This Year are located on the top line of the metrics in the Dashboard.



Profile Navigation Drawer

My profile shows a list of user options for the user.  The profile shows the name and profile picture.  The name shows as a hyperlink with the following options:

  • My Profile
  • My Account Settings
  • Logout


My Profile

When selecting on the My Profile, the profile page opens up. The top of the page shows your profile picture with the percentage of your profile complete. To the right of the profile, your name, location, height, weight and biography will be visible. Under the profile information a link to messages, Facebook, and twitter will appear by the corresponding icons.

The middle of the page starts with the user’s Goals. Goal information can be added with the red “Edit your profile” box on the top right of the page. The “Edit my profile” box provides the three-tab option of Overview, Subscription, and Setting.

  • Overview provides option to write on your timeline. You and your academy members’ will also be visible. The list shows the most current activities, which you can scroll through by tapping on the next or previous bottoms. You can click on the links of the user. If you like any of those posts you can select the High Five options.
  • Subscription shows your subscription information. ‘Your subscription’ will provide what kind of subscriptions your credit card will be charged automatically. If there are any free trail periods the user will automatically on the trail end. The ‘Period’ is the time your subscription is valid until. If you would like to change or update any information for your subscription. To Cancel subscription select on ‘cancel subscription’ button and select on ‘Update my profile’ button to complete process.



  • Settings gives the option to have the welcome dashboard message on or off by tap on the box. Updating the passwords by entering the current password, new password, and re-entering the new password is also possible from Settings. At the bottom right of all the tabs is the “Update my profile” box. Selecting this box will update all changes made.


The messages show the list of sent and received messages with the read notification, date, and participants. The notification of a message will show the icon of messages as an orange circle with the number of message. To read the message, tap on the subject line hyper-link. Tap on the Red “New Message” Box to open a new message. Type the subject in the 1st line, write the body of the message in the second box. You can send a message to anyone in your connections. Either select on one user or multiple users by clicking on the box under the users’ name. To message everyone, tap on the “message everyone” box to have all name selected with a check mark. Tap on the red “Send Message” box to send message to users.

Screenshot 2016-08-09 11.16.40




Custom Forms

Custom Forms is the home for any form in the system. The page includes the list of names of the forms and descriptions. Each form has a box to select on to ‘see responses’ and ‘answers’. The custom forms also has a pencil icon to edit and a garbage can icon to delete the form. To add a new form select on the ‘Create Form’ box.

  • The New Customer Form page gives the option for a Form Name, Short Name, Description, Questions and Menu Placement.
  • The Add Question box gives a series of question to be answered from Type, Question, Instructions, Possible Answers, and Required. Once completed tap on the ‘Add question’ that will be placed into the form.
  • The form has additional form settings. It controls who can answer the form, who can see the responses, require forms, and whether it shows the form on the timeline.



Tapping on the logout removes the user out of the app. To return to the app use the username and password.



  • The library stores your videos, photos, and documents. To add a file, drag a file onto this page or tap on the ‘Add to your library’ box. A file box will show on the screen.
    • Select File (500MB maximum on file) and download box will show when the upload is completed.
    • Add a file name to the file or keep the default.
    • Description of the file.
    • Add tags to find file easier.
    • Select the connection you want to have the file or share with everyone by selecting on the box.
    • When completed select on ‘Add file details’.
  • To find video use the Filter. Filter from tags, file type, sharing and date range. When finished filtering the library, tap on ‘Filter Library’ box.
  • Find the file you want to open by placing the curser over the magnify glass icon on the file or tapping on the file. The Chemical bottle icon opens up the Analyze, which provide the editing options of the video. (Google Chrome only.)

  • Once the file is open, the name of the file is visible on top and the date of the file add is visible on the bottom. On the right bottom of file it shows the icons:
    • Download – Download file to device.
    • Analyze – Edits to the file.
    • Fullscreen – View the file in Fullscreen
    • Edit – Change File name, Descripts, Tag, and Shares.
    • Delete – Deleting of file.

Comments can be added at the bottom of the picture by typing a message in the box and tapping on ‘Leave comment’ box.



Blast 360 Videos

  • The uploading of videos from the Golf 360 is a simple process. Within the Golf 360 app, the user uploads their desired videos to his Blast Connect library from within the action by tapping on the share button.
    • Videos must be uploaded one at a time.
    • The option to upload the video is only available if.
      • Blast Connect credentials have been successfully entered within the app.
      • The video wasn’t already uploaded
    • If upload is successful on Android a green icon will display and a red icon when it failed. On iOS (Apple) no icon are available at this time.

bcicon.   uploadblastconnectAndroid

  • Golf 360 videos are available to the user within the Blast Connect library for tagging, review, video analysis, etc. (Analyze > Library > Select Video)
  • One-Click access to the metrics associated with the actions in the video.

Screenshot 2016-08-14 12.35.00 



  • Provides the statistics from Golf Stats, Practice Stats, and Workout Stats.
    • Golf Stats gives a recap of your golf game over the last month and all time stats. The Golf Stats also gives the change amount for last month and overall states. Shows a stat graph to show your average vs. a PGA average. The stats summary topic metrics are: Recap, Off the Tee, Approaching the Green, Around the green, Putting, Scoring, and Gapping. Each stat name has a circle with an I in the middle. This icon can be highlighted and provide the summary of details.
    • Practice Stats shows the completed activities of the practice. Practice gives a summary of Balls Hit, Longest Shot, Practices Completed, and Practices Assigned. A graft view shows the users shots from Driving, Ball Striking, Iron Play, Short Game, Bunker, Putting, and Mental. The practice history categories are broken into Balls, Time, Club, Distance, Comments, and Score.
    • Workout Stats show the completed activities of the workout. Workout gives a summary of Reps, Sets, Workouts Completed, and Workouts Assigned. A graph view shows the user workout actives from Mobility, Movement, Speed, Stability, and Strength. The workout history categories are broken into Equipment, Set, Reps, Weight, Temp, Rest, and Comments.


  • Shows the overview of the enter Rounds information from Date, Club, Course, Tee, Par, and Score. Each event has a garbage can icon to delete the event. The date line has a hyperlink link to the round summary where you can edit previous enter information.

     Blast Metrics

  • View your Blast Metrics by connecting your Golf 360 to Blast Connect. If your not connect select on the ‘Let’s get started’ hyperlink at the top of the page. When you’re connected you can view all of your strokes. Blast Connect can filter your metrics by Students, Swing Type, Equipment, and Time Frame; then tap ‘filter’ to get metrics.
  • The middle of the page shows the swing averages for all the metrics. Below the swing average shows all the metrics and number of action from the metrics. The filtering option can reset the filter and refresh metrics by taping on option icon next to the filter.
  • Below the swing averages, the individual swings with all the metrics are visible. If a video is available with the metrics the thumbnail will show, but if not, a default picture will show.
  • For more information click on “Learn About These Metrics”. From that pop up page, you will have access to many other training center videos. 


  • View BodiTrak metrics by tapping on the Analyze > Blast Metrics > tap on BodiTrak tab. The metrics will show from newest to olds and video or silhouette will show to the right of the metrics. The metrics provided by BodiTrak:
    • Stance Width
    • Peak Lateral Cop Velocity
    • Max DVF


Team Report

  • This feature can be found in the Blast Metrics (Analyze > Blast Metrics) on the right side of the screen.  The team reports will show all the students that are assigned to the coach and the students stats for the last two weeks. The metrics will show in table view that is sortable and a search option.  The team report gives an option to print the metrics. The alternative method to view team metrics is in connections / rosters where you can grab student metrics from just the individual roster. Giving another way to view player metric by different grouping.


Training Center

  • Blast Motion Training Center videos will get you started by helping you understand your metrics, gain coaching insights, and learn how to improve your game.


Workouts & Practices

Owners, coaches and players can create and edit workouts by selecting TRAIN from the menu bar, then “Workouts & Practices” then click the “+” icon and choose to create either a Workout or Practice. Both the Workouts and Practices work the same way. Once you have chosen between the two, you must complete the details in the Workout or Practice like the title and optional media attachment. When you get to the Exercise section in Workouts or Drills section in Practices, you can click on the + to create new exercises and drills or add existing exercises or drills.

Once Workouts or Practices are created, coaches and owners can schedule and assign them to any of their students or rosters. Students can only assign workouts and practices to themselves to complete.


Assessments are skills challenges created by the owner and coaches of the academy. To manage and create new assessments, you can do so by clicking on “Advanced Options -> Manage Assessments”. In this page, owners have the ability to customize and create whatever assessments appropriate.

There are multiple ways to view the results of your assessments. To view the results of a single assessment, owners can do so by clicking on “View Results”. Owners can also click on “Advanced Options -> Team Report” and filter out the desired data.



  • Rounds are used to gather information on the course that you play to get the most accurate information about the course you have played. Start by answering the following question: Where are you playing? The system stores a list of golf courses all over North America. Start by tapping on the Club drop down. Type in three or more characters of the club. Select on the name of club you played. If your club isn’t showing please contact support so we can add your course. Select the Tee and Date that match up with your round played. Select yes or no by tapping on the box for Tournament. To continue select on the ‘Start Round’ box. 
  • The club page gives you an opportunity to mark all of your shots. The system has captures the par information for each hole and the distance to the pin. The top of the page shows the name of the club and below it shows the Hole, Par, and Distance. The categories to capture info are: Shot, Club, Distance to Pin before shot, Recovery, Results, and strokes Gained.

Screenshot 2016-08-09 12.31.00


  • Shots – capture each shot taken.
  • Clubs – the drop down give you option to select your clubs from: Driver, Woods, Irons, Hybrids, Wedge, and Putter.

Screenshot 2016-08-09 12.30.21

  • Distance to Pin before shot – show the distance to pin. You can type in the shoot distance in yards or feet.
  • Recovery – whether it was a recovery shot
  • Results – show the different results of each shot from: Fairway, Rough, Bunker, Penalty Shot, Green, and Holed.


  • To help complete the process of filling out the form. Select on the show Diagram hyperlink for ‘How Distance To Pin Works’. This diagram helps show distance for each shot.

Screenshot 2016-08-09 12.29.20

  • Enter all of your shot information to have the most accurate score card in the system. Select on the ‘Save Shot’ box. If you make a mistake in entering a shot you can select on Hole hyperlink. Select on the garbage can icon to delete the shot. At the bottom of the page you can review the round summary. When all shots are added into the system, the page will take you back to the beginning of rounds.