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Blast Softball - Android


Blast Softball Tips

A helpful collection of user tips for Blast Softball.

  • The sensor can only be registered to one email account, but can be used on multiple devices.
    • When setting up the sensor it registers to one account only. If a user attempts to set up the device to an additional account, this account will not connect to the app. The sensor can be used on multiple devices while using the original email account.
  • Get started by charging the sensor.
    • The first thing you should do after opening up the Blast Softball box is charge the sensor.   To start the charging process connect the black Wireless Charger and the cable connection. The wireless charger cable connects to any USB port. Once the cable is connected to the Wireless Charger and the blast logo is facing up, the charging process can begin. Place the Sensor on the Wireless Charger with logo facing up on the sensor. When the sensor is placed on the charger an audio tone will sound. There are 3 indicator lights on the charger:
      • Red LED – The charger is not active (the sensor is not on charger or the sensor is fully charged).
      • Blue LED – The sensor is charging.
      • Green LED – The sensor is completely charged.
    • If the sensor is fully charged it doesn’t reset the charging sequence. The light will show red on the charger when placing the sensor back on the charging pad.
    • A full charge takes 60 min on the charger. Once the sensor is charged you can see the battery level on the top right of the app. When the sensor is showing less than 20% battery level or the sensor LED starts to blink red, a charge is needed.    When the sensor’s LED is blinking green the sensor is in motion, its battery is charged, and it is ready to capture a swing. When the sensor’s LED stops blinking it is in standby mode or sleep mode. The sensor goes into standby mode when it is not in motion for 30 seconds.  The LED will start blinking again with a light touch.
  • The simple way to place the sensor on the bat.
    • The Blast Softball includes the Bat Attachment. The Bat Attachment is used with regular Softball bat knobs. Take the attachment and turn it inside out. Then take the senor and place it upside down on top of the inverted attachment. Once the sensor is in place you can turn the attachment around.   If done correctly, it will show the blast logo at the end of the sensor. Lastly, place the attachment at the end of the bat knob. Ensure the sensor is flush to the knob and securely connected.
  • To get the most accurate reading you need to setup a bat. 
    • The app provides the opportunity to setup different bats since the length, type, and weights are all different. Each of those items affects the results of the action. To setup the bat on the app, go to Menu > My Equipment > plus icon. Add the brand, model, nickname, length, and weight. If your bat isn’t listed you need to select another option.  Once your bat has been created, you have an option to connect the bat or create another bat.
    • All bats are compatible with the sensor and can be removed at any time. To delete a bat you can tap on the garbage can icon in the top right corner. Tap on the box next to the nickname of the bat. To complete the process tap on the garbage can icon again. A message of “are you sure you want to delete this bat?” will appear. Select yes and the bat is now removed. Then tap on the circle icon next to the name of the bat you want selected. Note: When the circle shows yellow the bat has been switched.
  • How to pair the sensor up with your bat.
    • Once the sensor is attached to the bat, hold the knob pointing to the sky for two seconds, and then point the knob towards the ground. Repeat the shake process until it connects. When the sensor is connected, the Bluetooth icon will show lit up on the top right corner and the sensor will blink green.  If still having problems connecting the sensor on the app, go to Menu > Sensor > select the sensor to be used with the bat. Repeat the shake instructions and the sensor should connect.


  • The battery of the sensor can last for 7 days in standby mode. 
    • Battery life of the sensor will differ upon the usage of the sensor, but has the capability to last for 7 days. When the sensor is showing less than 20% or the sensor LED starts to blink red a charge is needed.


  • The sensor needs at least 3 seconds before another swing can be taken. 
    • The sensor needs time to recalibrate, analyze and transmit data between each swing. If the user takes two swings in succession of fewer than seven seconds an invalid swing message will appear.
  • One video can create multiple highlight videos. 
    • Blast Softball automatically trims and assigns the video to the appropriate event, which creates the fun highlight video. So the app allows you to take a video and creates a separate highlight video from each swing.


  • It’s fun to share your video and metrics.
    • To share videos tap the share button and select how you would like to share (Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Messages, and Email are supported for video sharing). When viewing videos you have the option to hide metrics. This also allows you to send your clip to others without metrics showing.
  • The sensor can work in offline mode.
    • Yes, the sensor can work in offline mode. For best results connecting before going offline is suggested. When your sensor is not connected to the application at the time of the video, it will download when connected back with the app. The same process happens if you’re taking swings with the sensor. When the sensor connects back with app, at the main screen, the history icon will show the number of actions that have been recorded off-line. Tap the history icon and you will be prompted to upload the videos.   When complete, you can tap the history icon and view the new videos.
  • Complete the firmware updates. 
    • From time to time there will be firmware updates for the app. It’s always in your best interest to complete the update. The firmware is a type of software that provides improvement to the application pushed out by Blast Motion. When prompted to complete an update it takes about 1 minute to 3 minutes, but mostly depends on your data connection for the time on the update. You will see a message of “Update Sensor Firmware, please be patient, this will take a couple of minutes.” on the default screen. There will also be a green progress bar going across the bottom of the screen to show the progress of the firmware update. When completed the app will return to home screen. If it fails you can retry the process. If still having problems please contact support.