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Golf - Android

Getting Started

Congratulations on the purchase of the Golf!  The package includes: Blast Motion Sensor, Standard Grip Attachment, Oversized Putter Attachment, Blast Charging Pad, Micro-USB cable for charging pad, and the Get Started guide.

How to charge your sensor

  1. Take the sensor and charger out of the package.
  2. Connect the wireless charger to the micro-USB cable.
  3. Plug USB cable into a USB outlet.
  4. Place the sensor in the center of the wireless charger where the logo is located with logo facing up on the sensor.
  5. It takes 60 minutes to fully charge the sensor.
  6. A green indicator light would show the sensor is fully charged.
  • The sensor battery can last for seven days in standby, but battery life differs based on usage.


The LED indicator lights of the charger

  • ED colors:  1. RedLED – The charger is not active (the sensor is not on the charger or the sensor is fully charged) 2. Blue LED – The sensor is charging.  3. Green LED – The sensor is completely charged. Green light will change to red LED after the charging sequence has stopped.
  • If the sensor is fully charged it doesn’t reset the charging sequence. The light will show red on the charger when the sensor is placed back on the charging pad.

How to turn Bluetooth on

Varies depending on your model Android device.

Turn Bluetooth on for Android

  1. On your Android, tap the menu button and select Systems settings.
  2. Locate the Bluetooth symbol on the setting screen.
  3. Change the Setting to “On” by clicking to the right of “Off.”
  4. Close out of Bluetooth.
  5. Check the top of your home screen for the Bluetooth icon. This indicates that Bluetooth is active.
  • Please note that the sensor only connects in the app only. The sensor will not connect in the Bluetooth setting.

How to install Blast Golf

Your Android mobile device is compatible with  Google Play.

   To find and install Blast Golf for Android

  1. On your Android phone, open Play Store.
  2. Tap the Search icon.
  3. Enter Blast Golf in the search results to go to the app page.
  4. Select Blast Golf in the search results to go the app page.
  5. Follow the standard installation procedure for Android.

Create New Account or Sign in

Once the app is downloaded it opens the login screen.  The available options of logging into the app or creating a new account are shown on the page.

Create New Account

  1. Open the Blast Golf
  2. Tap on “Create New Account” button
  3. Fill in the create account info of Full Name, E-Mail, Confirm E-mail, and Password. To proceed to next screen, select on “Create Account” button.
  • Password must be 8 characters long and include the usage of characters and numbers.
  1. The welcome screen provides three options to complete the registration process.
  • Basic Details
  • Register Sensor
  • Add Clubs

If you don’t want to complete the registration immediately, hit the skip option on the top right of the screen.  This process will need to be completed later to use the sensor.

  1. The welcome screen shows a check mark next to Basic Details. Select on Register Sensor option.  Scan the sensor using the screen circle to focus on the serial bar on the back of the sensor.  If not able to scan continue to bottom of the screen to type in the Serial (Top & Bottom) number on the back of the sensor. Once complete hit done.
  2. Face the Blast logo towards the ground for two seconds, face the Blast logo towards the sky for two seconds, and repeat until it is activated. When completed the Sensor Connected message will appear.
  3. The welcome screen shows a check mark next to Basic Details and Register Sensor. Select on Add New Club option. Fill in the following info:
  • Club Type
  • Club Brand
  • Club Model
  • Club Nickname
  • Lie
  • Loft
  • Length
  • Handedness

Once the information is completed tap on the “Add New Club” button. Alternately, select the Quick add option that is also visible. Tap on the “YES PLEASE.”

Tap on “Add 15 Clubs.”

  • Tap on check mark to the right of club name to unselect any unwanted clubs before selecting on the add club button.

8.  A video will play on How to attach your sensor to your club. Tap done or “Add another club” button to finish.

9. Tap on “LET’S SWING” button to take first swing.

Sign in

  1. Open the Blast Golf
  2. Tap on “Sign in here”
  3. Fill in your E-mail (Username) and Password. When complete tap on “Log in” button to complete sign in.

Forgot Password

  1. Open the Blast Golf
  2. Tap on “Sign in here.”
  3. Tap on the “Forgot Password.”
  4. Type in E-mail (Username) and tap on “Reset Password” button to send a reset link to email address.
  5. Open email and select on the link or copy and paste the following link into your browser.
  6. On the reset screen type your Email, Password and Confirm Password and tap on the “Reset” button.
  7. Log into your account again.

How to get your attachment & sensor on your club

  1. Place the attachment on your club prior to inserting the sensor.
  2. For best results, make sure the attachment is all the way on so that the sensor is touching the end of the club.
  3. Turn the top part of the attachment inside out and place the sensor on the top of the attachment.
  4. Ensure the Blast Man’s head is aligned with the center shaft and pointed to the toe of the club head.
  5. Once the sensor is aligned, flip up the top of attachment to secure the sensor.


Getting your first metric

The Blast Golf has three different modes of Online, Offline, and Video. Here is how you use each for the first time.

Online Mode

  1. Make sure the sensor is connected to Blast Golf. If not, Select on Menu > Sensor > Tap on Sensor.
  2. Make sure sensor is in attachment on Club.
  3. Go to the Progress screen to view live metrics before your first swing.
  4. Take your first swing.
  1. Once you have made contact you can view your metrics.

Offline Mode

  1. Connected to Blast Golf to view battery level. If not, Select on Menu > My Sensor > Tap on Sensor. If battery is below 20% charge sensor.
  2. Make sure sensor is connected to the club that will be used. Menu > My Club > Tap on Club.
  3. Once battery level is verified and the correct club is selected the app can be closed.
  4. Take your first swing.
  1. Once your swings have been completed connect your sensor back to the app. Tap on the menu icon with blue circle notification. Tap on the arrows circling around with the blue dot.
  2. Select on the “UPLOAD” button. The records will Download Swings.
  3. View the metrics records in the Progress.

Video Mode

  1. Make sure the sensor is connected to Blast Golf. If not Select on Menu > Sensor > Tap on Sensor.
  2. Make sure sensor is in attachment on Club.
  3. Go to the Progress screen or any screen that has the Smart Video Capture.
  4. Tap on the circle record button.
  5. Take your first swing.
  1. Tap on the red circle record button to finish.
  • Multiple swings can be recorded on one video. Videos do not have to be stopped between swings.
  1. Videos can be viewed in Video Library icon. Your metrics are available to be viewed after you have made contact.