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Case Studies

Learn how customers across the country use Blast Technology on their journey to Train Smarter and Get Better. See real examples from Collegiate programs, academies and individual instructors and hear how Blast has made an impact.


Huntington Beach High School

Huntington Beach High School Coaches Benji Medure and Jeff Ruziecki discuss how Blast Baseball helps prepare kids for the next level and creates accountability for their players.

Alamo Heights High School

Alamo Heights High School coach Jason Thompson discussed how Blast helps him assess player performance and how it helps provide players with the opportunity to improve and own their development.​

MacArthur High School

Take a look at MacArthur High School in San Antonio and see how they use Blast for player development.

USD Baseball

Learn how San Diego baseball team integrates Blast Motion Technology into their program. 

Rawlings Tigers

Spiker Helms, Rawlings Tigers National Director talks about Blast Technology and how it creates a common understanding between coaches and players.

Gamers Baseball: Part 1 – The Why

Learn why Gamers Baseball integrated Blast Motion into their hitting academy.

Gamers Baseball: Part 2 - The How

Learn how Gamers Baseball integrated Blast Motion into their hitting academy.


TNT Fastpitch Academy

Learn how TNT Fastpitch Academy implemented the full Blast solution into their academy programs to help athletes improve.

Fury Platinum

Learn how the Fury Platinum softball organization integrates Blast Motion Technology into their program.

Coaches Visit

Several coaches from the D1 and NPF levels visited Blast HQ to learn more about PCR and the gamechanging advancements on the horizon.

Seton Hall University Softball & Blast Motion

Learn how Softball Hitting Coach Daniel Nicolaisen integrated Blast Motion Technology into the Seton Hall University Softball Program.

Virginia Unity

Take a look at Virginia Unity Softball and see how they use Blast for player development.

Touching Base with Husky Softball

University of Washington Softball Head Coach Heather Tarr as she shares what’s on the horizon for the 2019 season.

Texas Blaze Fastpitch

J.B. Slimp discusses how Texas Blaze Fastpitch has implemented Blast Softball into their program and how it has changed they way they develop players.

Bombers Fastpitch

See how the Texas Bombers organization implements Blast and how Blast has helped them develop athletes to play at the next level.


JJ Wood

We recently spent some time with JJ Wood at Golf Performance Group and talked about how he uses Blast to make his students better.

Sean Lanyi

Learn more about why Sean Lanyi uses Blast Golf in his coaching. 

Martin Hall

In this video, you’ll learn more about Martin Hall and why he uses Blast Golf.

The Brad Faxon Story

Learn more about Brad Faxon and why he trusts Blast Golf.

Philadelphia Country Club - Gifting Event

Blast Motion’s Mike Hill and Philadelphia Country Club’s Head Golf Pro Scott Riley talk about the benefits of hosting a Blast Golf gifting event at the Scholarship Invitational.