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Welcome Amateur Athletic Union!

We are proud to partner with such a prominent organization in the sport of baseball! Blast Motion is now the Official Sensor Technology of the Amateur Athletic Union! The Blast Baseball sensor and mobile app offer the complete hitting solution to help hitters get better.

What is Blast Baseball

Blast Baseball is the official bat sensor technology of Major League Baseball®. The Blast sensor and mobile app have been specially designed for swing analysis, helping players of all ages and skillsets understand the mechanics of their swings and learn how they can hit with more power and efficiency.

Supports iOS and Android. For a full list of supported devices, please visit the Supported Devices page.

How do I get one?

All Amateur Athletic Union athletes will receive a $25 discount on the Baseball sensor. Blast will be integrated into our training program, allowing our coaches to better analyze players performance and further enable our player’s daily drive to get better. Purchase below using the code “AAUBB17“.