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The Blast Baseball swing analyzer provides coaches and athletes with direct access to the most accurate swing metrics available. When combined with a premium services subscription and the new Blast Insights, you’ll be able to help your players build a better swing.

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The Solution

The industry’s most accurate swing analyzer integrated with assessments, coaching, communication, and management tools.

Blast Baseball

Swing Analyzer & Mobile App

GET STARTED: Blast Baseball combines sensor-based swing analysis with auto-edited video clips in an easy to use mobile app. Get real-time feedback with a solution designed to help you coach smarter and get better.

Add Premium Services

Advanced Insights + Blast Connect Subscription

TRAINING & ASSESSMENT: Unlock Advanced Metrics, Training Insights and Blast Connect, an information and player management application for mobile and desktop. The Premium Services subscription takes coaching to the next level with advanced reporting, roster mgt., video analysis, and more.

Swing Quality

By analyzing millions of swings, from players at the Professional, Collegiate, Elite Academy and Youth levels, we have proven that the best hitters are always strong in three major components of the swing, Plane, Connection and Rotation. Blast can now automatically assess every swing and provide insights and drills for further development. It’s just that easy!


Measures the percentage of your swing where the bat is on the swing plane. Your vertical bat angle at contact establishes the plane for that swing. Plane is a great indicator for making more consistent contact on the barrel of the bat.


Measures the relationship between your body tilt and vertical bat angle at impact. Maintaining good connection (90 degrees) for all pitch locations is an indicator of dynamic adjustability.


Measures how quickly your bat accelerates into the swing plane. Rotation is a good indicator of how you build bat speed by sequencing properly. The quicker your rotational acceleration, the more power you will have and the more time you have to adjust to pitch locations.

The Numbers Don't Lie

Baseline Metrics

Bat Speed
Peak Hand Speed
Attack Angle
Time to Contact
Blast Factor

Premium Metrics

Swing Quality – Plane Score
Swing Quality – Connection Score
Swing Quality – Rotation Score
On-Plane Efficiency
Early Connection
Connection (at impact)
Rotational Acceleration
Vertical Bat Angle




Built for The Way You Coach


Automatically capture valuable swing metrics and 3D swing animation for every player. Use the video function to see auto-edited clips with metrics overlaid. Blast Baseball does all the work and organizes everything in your library.


Analyze details of individual player hitting or view progress for all players, with simple stats and graphs. Blast Baseball quickly identifies trends and areas for improvement.


Valuable insights and coaching tools allow you to plan, manage, and communicate more effectively with your players during and after practice.


Monitor player progress over time and keep your coaches and players informed. Earn buy-in and trust by providing them with objective information.

Coach and Teams Pricing

Blast offers custom packages for baseball coaches and teams.

John Peabody

Peabody Baseball

"From big leaguers, to minor leaguers, to high school kids, they really value the information that's coming from the Blast sensor, especially the bat speed and attack angle."

Brad O’Connell

Momentum Baseball Academy

"The proof is in the data. We use Blast to generate performance graphs, allowing our coaches to show a player’s trends over time."

Case Studies

USD Baseball

Learn how San Diego baseball team integrates Blast Motion Technology into their program. 

Gamers Baseball: Part 1 – The Why

Learn why Gamers Baseball integrated Blast Motion into their hitting academy.

Youth - High School Coaching Packages


Houston Astros

The Houston Astros use Blast Baseball throughout their organization to improve hitters, track progress, and identify important team performance trends.

USD Baseball

The University of San Diego uses Blast Baseball to improve hitters with remote coaching and monitoring of player’s swings during individual work.

Area Code Baseball

Area Code uses Blast Baseball to track hitting prospects during games and provide quantifiable metrics to scouts for evaluation.

Texas High School Baseball Coaches Association Partners with Blast

Blast Baseball named the Official Swing Analyzer of THSBCA for remote coaching, player development & hitting competitions.

Events just
got smarter!
Blast Event Solution

Now any sports organization can cost effectively incorporate Blast information into their program for streamlined data capture, swing analysis, and reporting.