Blast Baseball

The Total Improvement Solution for Coaches

Solution Components

The industry’s most accurate motion capture sensor integrated with analysis, coaching, communication, and management tools.




Built for The Way You Coach



Automatically capture valuable swing and ball flight metrics with auto-edited video for all player swings, using a single device. Blast Baseball does all the work and organizes everything for you.



Easily analyze details of each swing or view progress for your entire team with simple stats and graphs. Blast Baseball quickly identifies areas of improvement.



Valuable insights and coaching tools allow you to plan, manage, and communicate more effectively with your players during and after practice.



Monitor your player’s progress over time and stay connected to ensure they remain focused and continue to improve.

Coach and Team Pricing

Blast offers custom packages for coaches and team.


John Peabody

Peabody Baseball

"From big leaguers, to minor leaguers, to high school kids, they really value the information that's coming from the Blast sensor, especially the bat speed and attack angle."


Rick Strickland

Rick Strickland Baseball

"All those things the Blast sensor measures is extremely important because it really takes the guesswork out of it and it becomes more fact-based teaching."


Brad O’Connell

Momentum Baseball Academy

"The proof is in the data. We use Blast to generate performance graphs, allowing our coaches to show a player’s trends over time."

Easily attach the Blast sensor to any bat. Blast’s patented natural motion capture allows hitters to swing without interrupting their routine or losing time and reps.
Capture and analyze metrics for every hit ball. Smart Video Capture™ intelligently records and automatically creates video clips of each swing.
Improve your players with actionable insights, drills, videos, and training tips.

Blast Vision

See beyond impact with exit velocity, launch angle, and estimated carry distance metrics synced to auto-edited video clips.

Blast Connect

An integrated suite of software analysis, coaching, communication, and management tools available online or on the go with the Blast Connect Mobile App.

Blast Benefits

Validate Your Coaching With Quantifiable Results

Utilize Blast video, metrics, performance tracking, and assessments to show player improvement.

Shorten the Feedback Loop

Work with real-time metrics, instant analysis tools, video annotation, and voice announcements to provide the best path for player improvement.

Player Accountability

Verify that players are practicing and getting their training work in, including during non-contact periods.

Create Competitions

Design your own skills tests. Players can compete against themselves or other team members.

Grow Your Business

Drive revenue with Blast sensor and Blast Connect services.  Blast offers custom programs to coaches and teams.


Find the players you want to recruit with objective information, or show players that you leverage technology to help them get recruited to the next level.

The Tools To Get The Job Done

Get More From Your Sensor With Blast Connect

Blast Baseball

iOS / Android App (no charge)
Included with Blast sensor purchase


Standard Metrics: Bat Speed, Peak Bat Speed, Time to Contact, Attack Angle, Peak Hand Speed, Blast Factor, Power
Premium Metrics (req. Blast Connect)


Metrics View

Track Progress

Swing Metrics
History - Videos / Metrics


Training Center – Tips, Drills, Tutorials


Sharing – Video / Metrics


My Profile
Sensor Management
Roster Management (req. Blast Connect)

Premium: Blast Connect

$100/yr. (custom packages available)
Advanced Tools & Insights


Standard Metrics: Bat Speed, Peak Bat Speed, Time to Contact, Attack Angle, Peak Hand Speed, Blast Factor, Power
Premium Metrics: Body Rotation, On Plane, Vertical Bat Angle


Calendar (Blast Connect / BC Mobile)
Timeline (Blast Connect / BC Mobile)
Newsfeed (Blast Connect / BC Mobile)

Track Progress

Swing Metrics
History - Video / Metrics


Practices, Workouts – Reports
Swing Metrics – Reports
Fitness, Skills, Competitions - Reports


Training Center – Tips, Drills, Tutorials
Video Analysis / Markup (Blast Connect / BC Mobile)
Coach Generated Content
Workouts and Practices
Fitness and Skills Assessments


Sharing – Video / Metrics (Blast Connect / BC Mobile)


Roster Management
User Management
Profile Management
Multiple Sensor Management (Blast Baseball app)
Event Scheduling (player / coach)


Storage Limit (500GB)
Academy Connections (1)
Sport Limit (1)
*Each Athlete added to the account is $6.95/month (first month free) which can be billed to the Coach or the Athlete.



Major League Baseball

Several Major League baseball teams, players, and coaches use Blast Baseball to improve hitters and evaluate talent.


Houston Astros

The Houston Astros use Blast Baseball throughout their organization to improve hitters, track progress, and identify important team performance trends.


USD Baseball

The University of San Diego uses Blast Baseball to improve hitters with remote coaching and monitoring of player’s swings during individual work.


Area Code Baseball

Area Code uses Blast Baseball to track hitting prospects during games and provide quantifiable metrics to scouts for evaluation.

More Than A Sensor... The Complete Solution


Swing Analysis

Live swing analysis: bat speed, angle of attack, on-plane percentage, and more. Capture and replay video, drills, tips, and insights for improvement.


Ball Flight

Blast Vision lets you visualize the results of each swing. See exit velocity, launch angle, and estimated carry distance with auto-edited video clips, session reports, and spray charts.


Advanced Tools & Insights

Quickly improve your players with analysis, statistics, video annotation, training programs, communication and player management.

Congrats to the Houston Astros on winning the World Series