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The Ultimate Hitting Solution for Young Athletes

The Solution

Blast Softball captures swing information and provides improvement insights using a swing analyzer that goes on the bat and connects wirelessly to an easy-to-use mobile app. Within the app are how to videos, training drills, and tips to improve from top instructors and players.​

Blast Softball

Swing Analyzer & Mobile App

Automatic Swing Quality Assessment




Premium Subscription Required

Blast Benefits

Teach them how to teach themselves
Improve hitting performance
Real-time training feedback
Track practice history
See performance trends

Ball Flight

With Blast Softball release 5.1, the integrated Ball Flight analysis lets you visualize the results of each bat swing. See exit velocity, launch angle, and estimated carry distance with auto-edited video clips, session reports, and spray charts. (req. Premium Services)

Blast Connect

Keep track of your child’s performance or connect with your coach with a personalized online management system.