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What should Vertical Bat Angle be?

The Vertical Bat Angle in batting practice or games will depend on the location of the pitch. Steeper angles are required for low and inside pitches, while shallower angles are required for high and outside pitches. Most players should target an average Vertical Bat Angle of -25 degrees for their swing, with a typical dynamic range of -20 to -30 degrees. Younger players tend to have a slightly flatter Vertical Bat Angle primarily due to strength considerations and swing style. Extreme pitch locations, such as low and inside or high and outside, can result in Vertical Bat Angles beyond this typical dynamic range.

The typical Vertical Bat Angle depends on age, strength, bat length and weight, experience level, swing style, and use case (practice swings vs game swings). Analysis from our database provides typical Vertical Bat Angle ranges for the following age groups and skill levels for baseball:

* Professional: -25 to -35 deg
* Minor League MiLB: -24 to -34 deg
* College: -23 to -33 deg
* High School Varsity: -21 to -31 deg
* High School Junior Varsity: -20 to -30 deg
* Middle School: -17 to -27 deg
* Youth: -15 to -25 deg