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Swing & Stroke Solution for Young Golfers

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The Solution

Blast Golf captures putting and full swing information using a sensor that goes on the end of the club and connects wirelessly to an easy-to-use mobile app. Within the app are how to videos, training drills and tips to improve from top instructors and PGA professionals.

Blast Golf

Sensor & Mobile App

A Coach Away From Coach


Capture stroke or swing information for every shot. On the range on the green or on-course.


Record video and view swings in slow motion with swing information overlaid.


Practice with feedback and watch their confidence rise and their scores fall.


Track progress and chart their path to better golf.

Information to Help Your Child Become a Better Golfer

Set Goals based on your child’s level of play and track important putting and full swing measurements.

Blast Captures


Blast Vision

See beyond impact with exit velocity, launch angle, and estimated carry distance, synced to auto-edited videos and spray charts.

Blast Connect

Keep track of your child’s performance or connect with your coach with a personalized online management system.