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Blast Baseball

Houston Astros

2017 World Series Champions

Blast is proud to be the Official Swing Sensor of the Houston Astros

Who are you?

The Solution

The industry’s most accurate motion capture sensor integrated with analysis, coaching, communication, and management tools.

Blast Baseball

Sensor & Mobile App

Blast Baseball combines sensor-based swing metrics with auto-edited video clips in an easy to use mobile app. Get real-time feedback with a solution designed to help you train smarter and get better.

Premium Services

Sensor & Mobile App + Blast Connect Subscription

Unlock Advanced Metrics, Training Insights and Blast Connect, an information management application for mobile and desktop. The Premium Services subscription takes player, parent, and coach training to the next level with advanced reporting, roster mgt., video analysis, and more.

Easily attach the Blast sensor to any baseball bat. Blast’s patented natural motion capture allows hitters to swing without interrupting their routine or losing time and reps.
Capture and analyze metrics for every hit ball. Track performance and gain actionable insights about your swing tendencies.
Smart Video Capture™ intelligently records and automatically clips video of each swing. View and analyze your swing in slow motion with metrics overlaid and get hitting drills and tips from the in-app Training Center.
Visualize your swing with the 3D Swing Tracer. Make adjustments and see the results in real-time, export as a video and replay or share practice or in-game swing captures.

Blast Vision

See beyond impact with exit velocity, launch angle, and estimated carry distance, synced to auto-edited videos and spray charts.

Blast Connect

An information management application for desktop and mobile. Organize, analyze, store, and share information with your teammates, coach, or academy at any time, from anywhere.


Major League Baseball

Several Major League Baseball teams, players, and coaches use Blast Baseball to improve hitters and evaluate talent.

Houston Astros

The Houston Astros use Blast Baseball throughout their organization to improve hitters, track progress, and identify important team performance trends.

USD Baseball

The University of San Diego uses Blast Baseball to improve hitters with remote coaching and monitoring of player’s swings during individual work.

Area Code Baseball

Area Code uses Blast Baseball to track hitting prospects during games and provide quantifiable metrics to scouts for evaluation.

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