Capture, Analyze, and Improve
Your Swing

The Easton Power Sensor and universal bat attachment slip over the knob of any brand or model bat and allows you to capture, analyze, and improve your swing. Record video of your swings in the Easton Power Sensor app and Blast's patented Smart Video Capture ™ technology will automatically identify your swings and clip your video to create a series of video highlights, overlaid with your metrics (swing speed, time to contact, swing direction, power, efficiency, and more). Replay and share your video and metric highlights to social media with one touch.

Experience the Easton Power Sensor Difference

  • Always Ready to Capture

    Precision swing motion sensor is always on and ready to capture metrics for instant review or storage on the sensor the when mobile device is out of range
  • Video Auto Curation

    Actions are used to dynamically clip video and automatically create a series of video highlights

    Adaptive Slow-mo Technology

    High-frame rate video capture dynamically slows down and speeds up video playback based on your actions

    Real-Time Metric Builds

    Metrics dynamically build during action playback and can be displayed, suppressed, or shared socially

Product Includes:


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