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Blast Motion is defining the future of wearable motion capture technology that's easy enough for the amateur player, yet powerful enough for the pro. The Blast precision motion sensor combines highly accurate, advanced 3D motion metrics with mobile video, giving you the actionable insights you need to "know your metrics" and gain the competitive edge. The Blast precision motion sensor is always on and ready to capture your metrics - just play! Blast's advanced natural motion capture technology automatically identifies key performance metrics, clip video to create highlights of your actions, and synchronize your video with dynamic metric builds.

Industry Leading Accuracy

The Blast motion sensor goes well beyond basic activity tracking — it’s a highly accurate, advanced 3D motion capture sensor that captures, analyzes and displays your actions.

Visualize Your Game with Metrics

Capture video with your iPhone or iPad and the Blast app's patented Smart Video Capture™ technology automatically identifies your actions and clips your video to create a series of video highlights infused with metrics. By automating the video editing process and simplifying metrics review, Blast lets you focus on what matters most - having fun and improving your game.

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