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Blast Golf

The Complete Swing & Stroke Solution for Golfers, Coaches, and Teams

Who are you?

The Solution

The industry’s most accurate motion capture sensor integrated with analysis, coaching, communication, and management tools.

Blast Golf

Sensor & Mobile App

Blast Golf combines sensor-based swing and stroke metrics with auto-edited video clips in an easy to use mobile app. Get real-time feedback with a solution designed to help you train smarter and get better.

Premium Services

Sensor & Mobile App + Blast Connect Subscription

Unlock Advanced Training Levels, insights and Blast Connect, an information and player management application for mobile and desktop. The Premium Services subscription takes golfer, parent and coach training to the next level with advanced reporting, roster mgt., video analysis, and more.
Easily attach the Blast sensor to any club. Blast’s patented natural motion capture allows golfers to swing the club or roll some putts and forget about the technology.
Capture and analyze swing or stroke metrics for every shot. Track performance and gain valuable insights about swing tendencies.
Smart Video Capture™ intelligently records and automatically clips video of each swing. View and analyze your swing in slow motion with metrics overlaid and get drills and tips from the in-app Training Center.

Blast Vision

See beyond impact with ball speed, launch angle, and estimated carry distance metrics, synced to auto-edited video clips and dispersion charts.

Blast Connect

An information management application for desktop and mobile. Organize, analyze, store and share information with your teammates, coach or academy at any time, from anywhere.

Blast Education

Blast offers in-person certifications and weekly webinars to help educate you on Blast.
We also have a Blast Coach Finder tool to find nearby Blast Coaches!

Blast Partners with Golf Channel Academy & Proponent Group

ZEPP Sensor

Send in your Zepp Sensor
and get a new Blast Sensor for $75