You’ve got the drive to be the best, and now it’s time to swing your new Rawling Quatro Pro / Max smart bat! Lock a Blast Swing Analyzer into the knob of the Rawlings smart bat and you’ll tap into the power of a bat that has been engineered for baseball players just like you. It’s time to show the world what you’re capable of and turn your swing into full send, on-field results!

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Blast Baseball and the Rawlings Quatro Pro / Max smart bat, every swing is automatically captured and assessed. Get real-time metrics feedback, review your swing quality with Plane, Connection, and Rotation (PCR), and check out your personal Player Report when your hitting session is done to visualize your swing performance. The Blast app provides a simple green, yellow, or red visual indicator to let you see where you need to focus, with drills and recommendations for improvement.

Recruiting Advantage

Did you know that objective Blast data is the player evaluation and recruiting standard used by hundreds of colleges, elite development leagues, and nearly every pro team across the country? If you want to stand out from the crowd and get recruited, you need to continually assess your swing and share your skills with coaches and collegiate recruiters. With Blast Player Profiles, it’s never been easier.

It's easy to
get started

Please read before you try inserting an existing Blast Swing Analyzer (sensor) into the Rawlings Quatro Pro or Max Smart Bat receptacle.

1. Check Serial Number

Check the serial number on your Blast sensor and ensure it’s a 12 digit number where the second digit, on the top row, is a 5 or greater and the last 4 digits are 1923 or higher. You can find the serial number on the back of the swing analyzer or in your Blast Motion app under “My Sensor”. 

Do you have an older Blast sensor?
Leave the sensor plug installed and use the clear Blast bat attachment included in the Blast product packaging.

2. Remove The Yellow Plug

  • Make sure your Blast Swing Analyzer (sensor) is fully charged. Sensor should be blinking green.
  • On the knob of a new Rawlings smart bat, remove the sticker that covers the sensor cavity. It will reveal a yellow Blast cavity plug. 
  • Align the Insertion / Removal Key with the square on the smart bat cavity and place the key notches into the yellow plug.
  • Push down gently and turn the key 90 degrees to the left to unlock and remove it.

3.Insert The Blast Sensor

  • Gently press the white Blast sensor into the notches on the key. It should easily attach and is ready for insertion into the smart bat.

4. Lock The Blast Sensor

  • Align the key with the circle on the smart bat cavity and insert it.
  • Push down gently and turn the key 90 degrees to the right to lock the sensor in place.

5. Start Hitting!

  • Your Rawlings Quatro Pro / Max is now a Smart Bat and you’re ready to hit!