Smart Bat Program

The Blast Swing Analyzer is approved by MLB for in-game use, at all affiliate levels. The Blast Smart Bat Certification Program is designed to ensure proper operation of the Blast Swing Analyzer when it’s installed into an embedded, Blast Motion smart bat receptacle. This page provides a list of partners that have successfully completed the Blast Smart Bat Certification Program.



When a partner has successfully completed the certification program, they receive the right to display the official Blast Smart Bat Compatible logo on their website and on their product packaging. In order to determine the specific models of smart bats that have been qualified, please contact the manufacturers to request a list.


The following photos can be used to help teams / players visually inspect and verify that their smart bat receptacle has been properly installed and secured.

Before You Install


Before you try and insert your swing analyzer (sensor) into a Blast compatible smart bat receptacle, please check the serial number and ensure it’s a 12 digit serial number where the second digit, on the top row, is a 5 or greater and the last 4 digits are 1923 or higher.  You can find the serial number on the back of the swing analyzer or in your Blast Motion app under “My Sensor”.

  • The plastic receptacle is installed (not a bare wood hole)
  • There are (3) screws at the bottom of the receptacle
  • The heads of the screws are flush to slightly recessed below the surface of the floor of the receptacle
  • There is a black foam washer with a clear plastic cover at the bottom of the receptacle
  • The screws do not appear over-torqued (stripped) or loose
  • The top of receptacle is slightly recessed below the top surface of the bat knob
  • Upon close inspection, there will be slight evidence of a dark grey adhesive around the perimeter of the receptacle

Sensor Insertion

  • Align the round recess of the insertion key to the head of the swing analyzer’s (sensor) Blast logo and push down until the key takes hold of it
  • Install the swing analyzer into the receptacle, aligning the round recess on the insertion key with the round recess on the top rim of the receptacle
  • Press down and turn the insertion key clockwise, toward the square recess on the rim of the receptacle to lock it into place (reverse to remove)
  • When the swing analyzer is securely installed and locked into the receptacle, you’re ready to swing!


Please send an email to letting us know your company name and your contact information (email & phone number) so we can contact you to discuss the certification program details with you.