Certification Program

Coaching tools to help test your knowledge of the Blast solution and provide your organization with the ability to become a Blast Certified Facility.

Coach's Corner

The Coach’s Corner is now available to all coaches! It provides easy access to a collection of the best coaching content Blast has to offer, including onboarding videos, understanding Blast scores & metrics, training content, and more. It also includes the information you’ll need to complete the Blast Certification Program and become a Blast Certified coach. Simply log in to your Blast Connect – Coach Account and check it out!

Certification Program

The Coach Certification Program is a 7-video series, followed by a 38-question knowledge test,  providing coaches with a more complete understanding of metrics, important hitting concepts, best practices for collecting data, and implementing data into your daily training, games, and player development. All you need to do is watch the videos and then take (and pass) the quiz to become a Blast Certified Coach.

Blast Certified Facility

Take your player development program to the next level by becoming a Blast Certified Facility. Please contact your Customer Success Representative for details.