Puttout X Blast

Take Your Putting To The Next Level

It’s time to turbocharge your practice and ensure that your putting fundamentals are dialed in. By combining the PuttOUT mat and training aids with Blast Golf, you can focus on squaring-up your putter face at impact (Face Angle at Impact) and building a consistent putting stroke Tempo. Blast Golf provides real-time feedback and allows you to track and measure your progress and improvement, helping you become a great putter. 

PuttOUT x Blast Golf Studio Packages

The PuttOUT product suite has been designed by golfers, for golfers, to help improve every facet of putting. The recipient of 2x MyGolfSpy Editor’s Choice awards, 5x Golf Digest Editor’s Choice Awards and 3x Golf Monthly Editor’s Choice Awards, to name just a few, the PuttOUT product suite has taken the golf world by storm since launching in 2016. Featuring mats, mirrors, gate sets, and now Blast Golf, whatever the tendency in a golfer’s stroke is, PuttOUT has the tools to help you improve it.

The Weekend Warrior Smart Studio

ThE Sicko's Smart Studio