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Premium Services

Everything You Need To Coach More Effectively

Improve your players with advanced insights, analysis, coaching, communication, and management tools.
*Each Athlete added to the account is $6.95/month (first month free) which can be billed to the Coach or the Athlete.​

The Premium Solution

Advanced Insights, Analysis & Reporting

Get annual access to advanced swing insights and Blast Connect – a customized information and player management platform.

Swing Quality

Blast automatically assess every swing and provides insights on the major components of the swing. Plane, Connection and Rotation.

Player & Team Reports

Access and create custom reports for your team. Organize & rank players by swing profile (power hitters, contact hitters) to customize training plans.

Coach Mode

Change players on the fly to capture individual swing information. Swings are instantly uploaded to Blast Connect and assigned to the player for later review and analysis.

Mobile Video Analysis

Capture, analyze, voice over and share feedback between coaches and players. Videos are auto clipped and overlaid with swing information for instant analysis. Upload video from any source or shoot hi-res, slow motion videos, straight from your phone.

Heather Tarr

Head Coach
University of Washington

"Sensors have kind of come and gone in our game and Blast is here to stay. We believe in the company and we believe in what Blast is doing."

Scott Smith

National Program Director & Head Coach
Bombers Fastpitch

"We needed the ability to create a data-driven approach to player development that would scale to over 1,000 players across the country. Blast Motion gives our player development department and our coaches the opportunity to connect with players in real-time and make sound performance-based adjustments much more quickly"

Brittany Cantu

Owner & Head Coach
TNT Fastpitch Academy

"Before we had Blast we would just say hit it to the ‘Red Line’. At the end of the day, we want to make sure the metrics speak for themselves so when they’re not here, we are able to go back and look at the numbers. And as long as the numbers are matching, then we can expect the same results when they are home."

Coach and Teams Pricing

Blast Offers custom packages for softball coaches and teams.

Case Studies

TNT Fastpitch Academy

Learn how TNT Fastpitch Academy implemented the full Blast solution into their academy programs to help athletes improve.

Fury Platinum

Learn how the Fury Platinum softball organization integrates Blast Motion Technology into their program.


USA Softball

National Team & youth players to train with Blast. Now available to 120,000+ USA Softball teams.

University of Washington

University of Washington uses Blast Softball throughout their organization to improve hitters, track progress, and identify important team performance trends.

Bombers Fastpitch

Bombers Fastpitch uses Blast Softball throughout their organization to improve hitters, track progress, and identify important team performance trends.

University of Florida

University of Florida uses Blast Softball to improve their hitters and monitor their player’s swings during individual work.

More Than A Swing Analyzer...

The Complete Solution

Swing Analysis

Live swing analysis: bat speed, attack angle, on-plane percentage, and more. Capture and replay video, drills, tips and insights for improvement. ​

Ball Flight

Visualize the results of each player's swing. See exit velocity, launch angle, and estimated carry distance with auto-edited video clips, session reports, and spray charts.​

Advanced Tools & Insights

Quickly improve with analysis, statistics, video annotation, training programs, communication, and player management.​