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Major League Baseball

Official Bat Sensor Technology


Houston Astros

Official Swing Sensor

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“We are excited about the swing analytics the Blast Motion solution brings to our organization, benefiting players, coaches, and the entire baseball operations teams for both the minor and major league teams. The technology is portable, smart, and non-intrusive, providing invaluable information that complements the expertise within our organization.”

– Brandon Taubman, Director of Baseball Operations, Houston Astros


area code baseball

Area Code Baseball

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“By combining 30 years of Area Code Baseball experience with the Blast technology, we continue to elevate the athlete, while providing the opportunity to be evaluated at the highest level by MLB scouts and college coaches. With an illustrious list of MLB players that have come through the Area Code system, we are thrilled to incorporate the Blast data to strengthen the players’ professional development and recruitment potential.”

– Joey Mahalic, Business Development, Area Code Baseball


United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA)

Official Bat Sensor

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“With over 4.5 million participants across 14 sports, we have a great opportunity to help improve player performance and to showcase young talent. The Blast technology gives our coaches advanced swing analysis insights using objective, sensor-based data. We want to let our athletes know where they stand and what they need to do to get to the next level of player development, while competing and having fun.”

– Don DeDonatis, Chairman of the Board and CEO, USSSA


Amateur Athletic Union (AAU)

Official Sensor Technology


Cape Cod Baseball League

Proud Partner

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“With as many as one in 6 MLB players having played in the Cape Cod Baseball League prior to their professional careers, we believe that providing our athletes with access to Blast data will not only help them advance their career, it will undoubtedly improve their hitting skill set. The Blast sensor provides professional-level metrics accuracy and it’s easy to use, which is an important factor for streamlining in-game swing data given our large staff of volunteers.”

– Paul Galop, Commissioner, Cape Cod Baseball League


The Futures League

Formerly FCBL

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“Being able to use the same technology as major leaguers to analyze their swing is going to be a huge benefit for our players. It’s really going to give our league a step-up on other summer collegiate leagues with college coaches seeing our guys improving their game throughout the summer.”

– Chris Hall, Commissioner, The Futures League


University of San Diego

Official Swing Sensor Technology of Intercollegiate Baseball


United Shore Professional Baseball League (USPBL)

Official Sensor Technology

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“USPBL was designed as an innovative developmental finishing school for players seeking to make it to the Majors. Our school provides state of the art coaching, musculoskeletal training, strength and conditioning programs, and the latest advances in sabermetrics. The Blast technology allows us to enhance our program through real-time swing analysis and in-game data capture, while helping players build development profiles used in major league scouting.”

– Andy Appleby, USPBL League Commissioner


EXOS Baseball Academy

Official Sensor Technology


Chevy Youth Baseball

Proud Partner

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“We’re excited to bring the official bat sensor technology of MLB to our 180 educational clinics. The Blast technology is easy to use and provides young athletes with professional-grade accuracy and swing analysis. At our clinics, athletes will get to see their swing results in real-time, providing powerful feedback for our Ripken Baseball instructors.”

– Steven Haener, Senior Manager, Chevrolet Media Operations



TaylorMade Golf Company

Spider Interactive - Powered by Blast

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“TaylorMade is dedicated to enhancing the performance of golfers at all levels, from our Tour players to consumers alike. We accomplish this through creating the most innovative, paradigm-shifting products in the industry. We are continually searching for new ways to enrich the golfers’ experience with an eye toward the future of equipment technology. As such, we are delighted to partner with Blast to create an interactive training tool that enables golfers to become smarter about their game.”

– David Abeles, CEO, TaylorMade Golf Company


Golf Channel Academy

Official Technology Partner

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“We selected Blast as an official technology partner to help deliver a leading-edge player development solution that seamlessly integrates with our academy programs. The GCA Game Tracker allows us to move player development beyond our academy walls and it places students in direct contact with their coaches for skills assessment, video upload, and real-time feedback through our smartphone app. This is how the next generation of golfers will learn to play, compete, and win.”

– Scott Novell, President, Golf Channel Academy


Proponent Group

Proud Partner

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Proponent Group, based in Heathrow, Florida, was launched in 2007 to offer serious, dedicated golf instructors a unique set of business-oriented benefits to help grow their teaching skills and their businesses.  For more information about the services Proponent Group provides to its more than 400 Directors of Instruction, academy owners, and other accomplished teacher members world-wide, please visit:


BodiTrak Sports

Proud Partner

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“BodiTrak Dash provides a new window into athlete performance with real-time ground force and pressure data. As a coach, helping an athlete understand and, more importantly, quantify how they use the ground can have immediate and powerful impact on performance. Ultimately, being able to expedite the learning curve and communicate objective improvement is vital to an athlete’s progression.”

– Mark Blackburn, PGA Tour Coach



National Pro Fastpitch

Official Sensor Technology

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“As the top level of competition in our sport, NPF understands the unique value of capturing objective metrics data in real-world game situations and trending results over time. Our goal is to contribute to the overall development of athletic talent of all ages by giving softball players access to the same opportunities as big-league baseball players. By using Blast technology, NPF will be the first professional franchise to allow swing metrics to be captured for all players at bat, in every game, for an entire season.”

– Cheri Kempf, NPF League Commissioner


Premier Girls Fastpitch (PGF)

Official Sensor Technology

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“It has become critically important in developing and evaluating players to have reliable, consistent and objective information. We are thrilled to be partnering with Blast Motion to collectively leverage technology to bring that information to recruiters, coaches and players.”

– Dan Hay, President, Premier Girls Fastpitch