Blast Baseball Insights in Blast Connect



We’ve upgraded Blast Connect, and all existing Premium Services subscribers have immediate access to the game changing benefits of Blast Insights at no additional charge! 

Players and Coaches can easily access the new ANALYSIS > METRICS view to review information on the most important aspects of Swing Quality – Plane, Connect, and Rotation (PCR). Check out the Player Insights and Team Insights below for details

Player Insights

The new player ANALYSIS > METRICS view provides direct access to an auto-generated Swing Quality – PCR assessment report, powered by Blast iQ™. Players will see a summary of their PCR scores, highlighting their strengths and recommending drills for improvement.

When you’re ready for a deeper dive, select SWING DATA to access individual metrics details, review a graph of your hitting session, or sort and review specific swings.

Team Insights

The new coach ANALYSIS > METRICS view provides quick access to an entire team’s Swing Quality – PCR assessment report, powered by Blast iQ™. Coaches can review and compare their team’s PCR scores, view ALL METRICS, or analyze an individual player’s Swing Quality scores. Use SWING DATA to review and focus on specific aspects of a player’s swing, assign workouts or drills for improvement, or direct a player to a specific Plane, Connection, or Rotation station for real-time training.  

If you want to perform additional data analysis outside Blast Connect, simply select the OVERFLOW MENU (3 dots stacked) to export an individual player or full team report as an Excel or CSV file.

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