Blast Golf Premium: Everything You Need to Coach More Effectively


The Blast Golf Premium Coach Package allows coaches and students to maintain communication and accountability outside of lessons and practices. Coaches can provide feedback through video annotation, remote coaching, practice scheduling, and much more.

Blast Golf Premium

With a Premium Coach package, coaches get access to advanced Blast Golf app functionality including:

Advanced Training Levels  Coaches can help their students learn to control timing, speed, and direction with Blast Golf advanced levels. This level-based training provides instant feedback, drills, and tips for both putting and full-swing practice.

Blast Golf PremiumCoach Mode – Manage multiple athletes from one sensor or easily access the data from multiple sensors.

Blast Golf Premium

Cloud-based Storage  Store every student’s historical swing and stroke data and video clips in one place for easy access and view personalized performance reports for each player.

In addition to advanced app functionality, coaches will have access to Blast Connect, an information and player management application that provides:

Advanced Insights  Coaches have easy access to result tracking, performance trends, and key indicators to provide the best path to success for each student. Quickly export CSV or PDF reports to share or analyze.

Blast Golf Premium


Team and Roster Management  Review real-time or offline swing data to assess, compare, rank, reassign, or recruit players based on performance.

Blast Golf Premium

Remote Coaching with Video Analysis  Capture and analyze auto-edited video clips, compare two video clips synced at impact with metrics overlaid, and store clips within student profiles. Then provide feedback to players anytime, anywhere with a built-in video analysis platform.

Blast Golf Premium

Scheduling and Communication  Schedule individual lessons, group practices, or clinics with a built-in messaging platform for easy student communication.

Blast Golf Premium


Learn more about Blast Golf Premium Coach Packages and services here.

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