How a Proud Mom Used Smart Video to Reduce Her Video Editing Time to Zero


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In our Spotlight Series, we give the mic to people who have had unique experiences with Blast Motion Products. In today’s feature, a mother recounts her official retirement from editing her son’ sports videos.

Mother by Day Video Editor by Night

There should really be a book that warns you of all the hats you will have to wear as a parent — maid, personal chef, chauffeur, math tutor, Halloween costume designer, coach, etc. One I definitely wasn’t expecting was sports video editor. Sunday’s were supposed to be mine…the husband was supposed to take the kids wherever and I was supposed to split my day between getting my nails done and drinking mimosas at brunch. If there was going to be any stress at all, it was supposed to come from the death of another favorite character on Game of Thrones. But that all changed when my son started getting serious about sports and my Sundays were all-of-a-sudden dominated by iMovie and editing down highlight tapes for recruiting.

Smart Video Capture to the Rescue.

I don’t even like sports! Yet, there I was watching games and practices and then rewatching them on my computer, finding my son’s stand out moments and editing videos down. That was until the world’s best uncle got him Blast Motion’s Basketball Replay product. From then on, my son clipped a sensor to his shorts, my husband hit record on the Blast Motion Replay app at his games and practices and I was done editing video forever. Don’t ask me how Blast Motion harnessed this black magic. All I know is, the app works with the sensor to identify the action clips and auto-curates the video for me!

Improved Highlight Videos and No More Sunday Video Editing

Not only does the smart video feature edit the clips for me, it enhances the videos. First it slows down his dunks and rebounds, etc. with this amazing looking adaptive slo-mo feature. Then, the sensors record cool action metrics, like hangtime and vertical leap, and automatically overlay the metric builds onto the video.

My son and I are now winning at social media, sharing highlight videos that look better than anything on professional sports websites. And I missed one more night of GOT, but got to spend it with my son, drinking hot chocolate, stringing together our favorite highlight clips and picking the coolest song for the ultimate highlight reel video.

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