Using Quantifiable Metrics to Build Trust by Lincoln Martin


We recently sat down with Blast Coach, Lincoln Martin and discussed how he uses Blast Softball to build trust with his players and help them improve through quantifiable metrics. Here is what he had to say:

I worked with a young athlete whose plane was really low. I could tell from a setup issue where the swing was moving off track. By putting her up against the wall, the sensor actually captured the data enough by impact. (Her plane numbers from that drill were in the 80s and 90s.)

When she returned, she had a feel standpoint and the numbers gradually got better. The minute she saw 36 on plane and then saw, from a positioning standpoint, 80, she could actually get a feel for what 80 looks like. At that point, I think the brain kicks in and now you have something that your brain is fighting to achieve. We started getting to the 50 range at times.

Working with these athletes, Blast Softball helps them target faster, like you’re shooting at a target right away. Blast Softball takes the guesswork out. This works especially well if you’re a visual learner. It’s like you’re creating a visual, which is the same thing we try to do in an environment that puts the young players with successful older players. You’re putting something in front of them that they can’t deny, and it removes the “I may feel like this is happening, but this shows that it’s not happening.” because I am providing them quantifiable metrics.

With Blast Softball, I’m going to be able to provide a history of good players and quantifiable data with it. My player is going to have a better chance to be picked over yours because I’m not just giving you my word, I’m giving you real things that they can put their hands on and see.

—Lincoln Martin

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