Blast Motion and BodiTrak Sports “Connect” to Deliver Ground-Force, Pressure, & Video Analysis Solution

(Carlsbad, Calif., January 17th, 2017) Blast Motion and BodiTrak Sports have partnered to develop the BodiTrak Dash mobile app, used in conjunction with Blast Connect, to deliver a fully integrated ground-force, pressure, and video analysis solution. The new solution allows coaches to use the Dash app with a BodiTrak mat to capture and analyze an athlete’s ground force and pressure distribution in real-time. The BodiTrak Blast Connect module allows the app to automatically upload video and data to the BodiTrak dashboard, where it’s fully integrated with the Blast Connect software analysis, coaching, communication, and management tools. The solution will be demonstrated at the 2017 PGA Merchandise show Jan. 24th – 27th, in the BodiTrak booth #991.

The Dash app captures high-speed, HD video alongside BodiTrak’s foot pressure distribution maps to maximize the analysis of an athlete’s ground force mechanics. The app’s video scrubber allows the coach to quickly review video, while the app’s integrated drawing and voice recording tools allow the coach to overlay analysis information on the video for real-time feedback or upload to the BodiTrak dashboard on Blast Connect. When the Dash app is combined with a mat, the app captures, synchronizes, and displays ground force and pressure distribution data, providing comprehensive cause-and-effect motion analysis of ground mechanics. Ground mechanics, the analysis of force & pressure data in golf and sports performance, has quickly become a must-have training and performance assessment tool.

“BodiTrak provides a new window into athlete performance with real-time ground force and pressure data. As a coach, helping an athlete understand and, more importantly, quantify how they use the ground can have immediate and powerful impact on performance,” said Mark Blackburn, PGA Tour Coach. “BodiTrak Dash not only allows a coach to objectively evaluate an athlete’s tendencies, but also track trends over time and communicate their progress. Ultimately, being able to expedite the learning curve and communicate objective improvement is vital to an athlete’s progression.”

Blast Connect is a suite of software services that were developed in conjunction with some of the top academies and coaches. The highly integrated communications framework streamlines coaching feedback and provides powerful video analysis, voiceover, and markup features to deliver advanced training insights, while providing athletes direct access to their performance metrics, videos, and training history.

To further enhance the value of the 360-degree solution for coaches and academies, Blast Connect includes additional tools that help them automate and manage their business, including scheduling, drill assignment, customer billing, competition management, leaderboards, and much more.

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