Blast Motion Announces Three Baseball Pro Team Apps

By combining the Easton Power Sensor with the Power Sensor Pro, Coach, and Admin apps, pro teams can easily collect, analyze, and track player swing data during on-field practice.

(Carlsbad, Calif., – April 19, 2016) – Blast Motion, an industry innovator focused on redefining game improvement with its swing analysis and wearable motion capture technologies, today announced the immediate availability of three baseball pro team apps. These apps are designed to provide major and minor league baseball teams with a powerful technology toolset that helps them streamline the collection and analysis of swing data (Power Sensor Pro), track player performance during team training (Power Sensor Coach), and manage an entire team of individual sensors (Power Sensor Admin). Blast Motion technology has been approved by Major League Baseball® for non-game, on-field activity. This allows pro players to use the Easton Power Sensor for both major and minor league training and practice.

“With the introduction of our new pro team apps and on-field activity approval, professional baseball teams can now use Blast’s patented technology to deliver best-in-class metrics accuracy, always ready to capture power management, and dynamic sensor calibration, ensuring technology doesn’t get in the way of training,” said Walt Nolen, Baseball Channel Manager for Blast Motion. “On-field activity allows the Easton Power Sensor to be used during training for activities that range from batting cage and tee work to formal workouts and on-field batting practice.”

The Easton Power Sensor and mobile app have been specially designed to help players of all ages and skillsets swing with more power and improve their game performance. The Easton Power Sensor attachment slips over the knob of any baseball or softball bat and has been designed to capture highly accurate swing metrics and track player performance. By leveraging Blast Motion’s patented Smart Video Capture™ technology, the Easton Power Sensor intelligently combines video and swing metrics to create a powerful new swing analysis tool that automatically detects a player’s swing and clips the video to create a series of video highlights. No user editing or playback intervention is required to experience this groundbreaking functionality.

The pro team apps have been specially designed for use by professional teams, optimized for both major and minor league practice session workflows and equipment management. The apps require a Blast-assigned team identifier prior to login. Teams that are interested in learning more can contact Walt Nolen ( ) for additional details.

About Blast Motion
Based in Carlsbad, California, Blast Motion is defining the future of personalized motion capture technology. By seamlessly identifying and integrating real-time motion metrics with video highlights, Blast Motion innovations create a contextually rich user experience that enhances the way people capture, analyze, and improve their game. For additional information about Blast Motion, please visit:

Pricing and Availability
The Easton Power Sensor is currently available in the United States and Canada, both online and at major retailers for $149.95. Customers can also purchase the Easton Power Sensor from or The consumer focused Easton Power Sensor app is available on the Apple iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store. The pro team focused Power Sensor Pro, Power Sensor Coach, and Power Sensor Admin apps are available on the Apple iTunes App Store.

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