Blast iQ™ Motion Intelligence Delivers Game-changing Results

Blast Connect and Blast apps gain Blast Insights and Ball Flight visualizations

(Carlsbad, California – January 3, 2019) – Today, Blast announced that the industry’s most accurate swing analysis solutions are integrating Blast iQ, providing a powerful swing quality and assessment upgrade that introduces data-driven motion intelligence. Blast iQ™ intelligently converts Blast sensor data and ball flight metrics into actionable information, delivered through Blast Insights.Blast iQ™ leverages a combination of machine learning, data mining, and artificial intelligence to automatically assess and score a player’s plane, connection, and rotation to determine their swing quality, based on their level of play, identifying strengths and areas for improvement with training recommendations. Blast Insights, provided by Blast iQ™, are available now for all premium service subscribers and will be further enhanced withBlast Connect R4.19, followed by Mobile Insights and Ball Flight machine vision integration into the Blast Baseball and Blast Softball R5.0 iOS apps. All new functionality is targeted for availability in 1Q19.

“For the first time ever, with release 5.0, consumers will have access to a highly accurate, affordable, and mobile pre-impact and post-impact hitting solution that intelligently provides actionable insights, available from a single vendor,” said Michael Fitzpatrick, CEO & Co-founder, Blast Motion. “We’ve optimized and proven our solution at the highest levels with over 70% of the MLB teams and all of the NPF teams using Blast. Unlike professional high-speed camera systems and launch monitors, the Blast solution provides a complete view of a player’s swing, showing both the cause and the effect, and can be used anywhere to deliver real-time feedback, while giving serious athletes a significant collegiate and professional recruiting advantage. This is truly a game-changing development, and it represents the future of sports.”

To learn more about the latest Blast innovations and to see how Blast Insights, Ball Flight visualizations, and Blast swing quality assessments are helping coaches and athletes build better swings, stop by the Blast Booth #1705 at the ABCA Convention, Jan. 3-6, 2019 in Dallas, TX.

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