Blast Motion Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Zepp Labs for Infringing Motion Capture and Analysis Patents

Carlsbad, CA – June 8, 2015 – Blast Motion, a leader in motion capture and analysis technology, announced today that it has added a newly issued patent to its complaint for patent infringement against Zepp Labs, Inc. in the United States District Court for the Southern District of California, Case No. 3:15-cv-00700. The new patent, U.S. Patent No. 9,039,527 (“’527 Patent”), is entitled “Broadcasting Method for Broadcasting Images with Augmented Motion Data.”  This patent covers fundamental aspects of image capture and display of motion-based information, and its issuance represents another outstanding addition to the Blast Motion portfolio.  With the addition of the ‘527 Patent, the Blast Motion complaint now asserts that Zepp Labs products and technology infringe on five Blast Motion patents.  The complaint is focused on obtaining injunctive relief to stop the further sale of the infringing Zepp Labs products and systems.

“Blast Motion has invested more than five years and over 10 million dollars in research and development. This investment has generated technology that we believe is fundamental to the future of motion data capture, analysis, and communication between mobile devices, networked sensors, and cloud solutions,” said Michael Fitzpatrick, CEO and co-founder of Blast Motion. “We welcome competition, but we are committed to protecting our intellectual property. Today’s filing is a response to safeguard our investment and to protect the advanced technology at the core of Blast Motion’s solutions, and to protect the advantages it provides for our customers and our partners.”

Blast Motion currently has 21 motion capture-related patents issued and 8 patent applications pending. Blast Motion offers a suite of natural motion capture solutions for sports and active life enthusiasts, including Blast Golf Replay, Blast Baseball Replay, Blast Basketball Replay, Blast Action Replay, and Blast Athletic Performance.

The complaint asserts that the technology in the Zepp Labs products infringes one or more claims of Blast Motion patents: United States Patent Numbers 8,905,855; 8,941,723; 8,944,928; 8,903,521; and 9,039,527.

About Blast Motion
Based in Carlsbad, California, Blast Motion is defining the future of personalized motion capture technology. By seamlessly identifying and integrating real-time motion metrics with auto-curated video highlights, Blast Motion’s innovations create a contextually rich user experience that enhances the way people capture, share and compare life’s actions.  The implications of Blast Motion’s technology reach far and wide as the Blast Motion development team continues to create new and innovative ways to identify, capture, and analyze multi-dimensional motion information.  For additional information about Blast Motion, please visit