Blast Motion Introduces Groundbreaking Adaptive Slow-Mo Functionality for Motion Capture Solutions

(Carlsbad, Calif., – May 13, 2015) – Blast Motion, an industry innovator focused on redefining the digital experience with its wearable motion capture technologies, today announced the immediate availability of release 3.3, and unveiled several new app innovations, including adaptive slow-mo.

Adaptive Slow-Mo
With the introduction of Adaptive Slow-Mo functionality, Blast has addressed the primary challenge users face with current slow motion video solutions, which require users to manually edit and set the slow motion start and end points after watching the video. By combining the Blast precision motion sensor and Blast’s patented Smart Video Capture™ technology, the Blast app automatically detects a user’s actions and creates a series of video highlights. Adaptive slow-mo allows the Blast app to automatically slow down and speed up video playback based on a user’s actions, changing the way users see the finer details of their actions. No user editing or playback intervention is required to experience this groundbreaking functionality.

To illustrate how adaptive slow-mo works for basketball, a player simply clips the Blast Motion sensor on his waistband and takes a couple shots, while capturing video on his iPhone or iPad from within the Blast Basketball Replay app. The Blast app automatically creates video highlights and adaptive slow-mo automatically slows down the video playback as the player begins his jump and then returns to regular speed after he lands on the ground. Nothing illustrates the benefit of this new feature better than seeing adaptive slow-mo in action.
Blast Basketball Replay clip
Blast Baseball Replay clip
Blast Action Replay clip
Blast Golf Replay clip

“With the introduction of adaptive slow-mo functionality, athletes are starting to see the power of wearable motion capture technology,” said Donovan Prostrollo, senior director of marketing, Blast Motion. “Metrics alone are powerful, but when you pair metrics with video and build the metrics in real-time as the action unfolds in slow motion, you create a very personal experience that makes analyzing video fun and highly shareable. Adaptive slow-mo allows athletes to gain greater insights into the finer details of what their bodies are doing when the action occurs, which helps them improve their game.”

Blast Action Replay – iOS Camera and New Action Sports Supported
Release 3.3 introduces Blast Action Replay support for motocross, further enhancing the existing action sports support, which includes skateboard and BMX. This release also adds native iOS camera support, turning smartphone cameras into a new generation of metric infused mobile action cameras. Blast Action Replay iOS camera support also includes all the great features of Blast’s patented Smart Video Capture™ technology, including adaptive slow-mo, dynamic metrics build, HD video capture / replay and social sharing.

Additional Features Introduced
• One-touch Access to Metric Info
• Simplified User Interface
• Simplified Registration Process

Pricing and Availability
Release 3.3 is now available from the iTunes store and is a free upgrade for all Blast customers. Blast Motion’s line of personalized motion capture products: Blast Basketball Replay, Blast Golf Replay, Blast Action Replay, Blast Baseball Replay and Blast Athletic Performance are available at Best Buy, C Spire, The Sports Authority and Dick’s Sporting Goods in the United States for $149.95, and in Canada from Best Buy. Customers can also purchase the entire product line of Blast Motion solutions at

About Blast Motion
Based in Carlsbad, California, Blast Motion is defining the future of personalized motion capture technology. By seamlessly identifying and integrating real-time motion metrics with video highlights, Blast Motion innovations create a contextually rich user experience that enhances the way people capture, share and compare life’s actions. For additional information about Blast Motion, please visit

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