Blast Motion Launches First Product, Blast Baseball and Debuts New Website

Carlsbad, CA (Tues, March 18th, 2014) – Blast Motion is excited to announce the launch of their first product, Blast Baseball.  By pioneering precision motion detection technology, and combining it with user friendly apps, Blast aims to change the way we view the world.  The first of Blast’s product line, Blast Baseball, empowers athletes to have a better understanding of their swing and a new way to share achievements.

Weighing less than half an ounce and fully waterproof, Blast’s Precision Motion Sensor attaches to the end of any bat. Bluetooth® smart technology transmits accurate swing analytics to your iPhone® or iPad® while you play. Blast Baseball’s accuracy can be compared to some of the most sophisticated tracking systems in the world.  Blast Baseball even understands the difference between practice swings and real hits, and will store swings when the sensor is out of range.

“With Blast Baseball, players don’t have to alter their natural swing rhythm and wait for the motion capture technology; they can focus on the game and have access to important metrics when they need them”, said Roger Weingarth, President and COO of Blast.   “It is important to us that Blast Baseball not only track key metrics, but give users new ways to interact with the data.  They can track swings, compare metrics and easily share that information with coaches and friends.”

Michael Fitzpatrick, Chairman and CEO of Blast added, “At Blast, we value accuracy and work hard to ensure that every product we make meets our exacting standards, while also being fun and easy to use.   We developed Blast Factor, a metric that combines key data to quantify power and efficiency, which is an effective training tool, but it’s also a great way to have an impromptu contest in the batting cages.  Making data useable and shareable is at the core of all our products.”

Blast Baseball is just the start of Blast’s product line and was preceded by the launch of the new, setting the foundation for future growth.  Blast Baseball includes Blast’s Precision Motion Sensor, Wireless Charger, Blast Bat Attachment and Blast Baseball App download, available now for $149.99 from

About Blast

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