Blast Motion Partners with Golf Channel Academy & Proponent Group to Deliver Leading-Edge Player Development Solution

(Carlsbad, Calif., – January 25, 2017) – Blast Motion has partnered with the Golf Channel Academy (GCA) and Proponent Group to develop the GCA Game Tracker mobile app and web portal, powered by Blast Connect. The Game Tracker’s highly integrated player development framework gives Athletes direct access to their activity timeline, skills tracker, video library, competitions, leaderboard, Golf Channel newsfeed, and more, while providing coaches with a centralized management, skills assessment, and communications interface for all their students.

“We selected Blast as an official technology partner to help deliver a leading-edge player development solution that seamlessly integrates with our academy programs,” said Scott Novell, President, Golf Channel Academy. “The GCA Game Tracker allows us to move player development beyond our academy walls and it places students in direct contact with their coaches for skills assessment, video upload, and real-time feedback through our smartphone app. This is how the next generation of golfers will learn to play, compete, and win.”

Game Tracker is in the final stages of development and upon completion will be available at 87 Golf Channel Academy locations across 28 states and it will be available to all 250+ GCA coaches and 450+ Proponent Group instructors. The Game Tracker mobile app and web portal will be available soon to all GCA members through

“We’re excited to be working with the Golf Channel Academy,” said Michael Fitzpatrick, Chief Executive Officer, Blast Motion. “By combining one of the most expansive golf instruction networks in North America with Blast technology, we’ve created the next level of coaching and player development. It’s innovations like this that allow coaches to quickly analyze an athlete’s performance and deliver personalized player development insights anywhere, anytime.”

Blast Motion’s fully-featured Blast Connect suite of software services is also available as a service upgrade for Academies, Coaches, and Athletes. For Academies, Blast Connect includes additional tools that help them automate and manage their business, including scheduling, practice plan & workout assignments, performance statistics, custom competition management, and more. For coaches, it can allow the review of an athlete’s practice sessions, assign workouts, analyze metrics, and provide remote coaching through powerful video analysis, voiceover, and markup functionality. For athletes, Blast Connect integrates with the Blast Motion Golf sensor, automating the capture and upload of putting and full-swing golf metrics, along with auto-clipped video highlights, for immediate review and analysis. For more information about Blast Connect and Blast Golf 360, please visit:

About Golf Channel Academy
Golf Channel Academy is a network of world-class coaches and teaching facilities dedicated to improving your game. With 87 locations canvassing 28 states and one Canadian province, Golf Channel Academy is among the most expansive golf instruction networks in North America today. Its staff coaches number nearly 250, and include 17 current members of Golf Magazine’s “Top 100 Teachers” list and 44 members of Golf Digest’s “Best Teachers in Your State” rankings. For additional information about Golf Channel Academy, please visit:

About Proponent Group
Proponent Group, based in Heathrow, Florida, was launched in 2007 to offer serious, dedicated golf instructors a unique set of business-oriented benefits to help grow their teaching skills and their businesses. These include an annual conference, seminars, webinars, in-depth newsletters, downloadable business templates and one-on-one consulting. For more information about the services Proponent Group provides to its more than 400 Directors of Instruction, academy owners, and other accomplished teacher members world-wide, please visit:

About Blast Motion
Based in Carlsbad, California, Blast Motion is defining the future of wearable motion capture technology. By combining the industry’s most complete performance improvement solution and real-time metrics analysis with auto-curated video highlights, Blast Motion has created a contextually rich user experience that enhances the way people capture, analyze, and improve their game. For additional information about Blast Motion, please visit:

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