Blast Motion redefines golf training with the release of its newest product: Blast Putt

Carlsbad, CA (Tues, March 25th, 2014) – Blast Motion continues to expand its product line with the release of its second product, Blast Putt.  Blast’s Precision Motion Sensor pairs with the easy to use Blast Putt app for a complete system that gives golfers a new understanding of their putting stroke.

Weighing less than half an ounce and fully waterproof, Blast’s Precision Motion Sensor securely and discretely attaches to nearly any putter grip. With intelligence that knows the difference between real and practice strokes, Blast Putt uses Bluetooth® smart technology to transmit accurate and meaningful analytics to your iPhone® or iPad® while you practice or play.  The sensor will even store strokes when out of range and download to the Blast Putt app when reconnected.

“We created Blast Putt to provide golfers with distinct information about their strokes, enabling fine tuning of motor skills for efficient and consistent putting performance,” said Michael Bentley founder of Blast Motion.

“Blast Putt offers the accuracy and performance of professional systems costing up to 100 times as much,” said Michael Fitzpatrick, Chairman and CEO.  “Blast Putt delivers an intuitive, affordable and seamless experience that gives golfers the specific details they need to improve their putting and reduce their scores. We challenge anyone to find a product that delivers the value and accuracy of Blast Putt.”

Blast Putt is the second in Blast’s product line and was preceded by the launch of Blast Baseball. Blast Putt includes Blast’s Precision Motion Sensor, wireless charger, Blast putter attachment and Blast Putt App download, available now for $149.99 from

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