The Power to Visualize
Ball Flight

See the results of your baseball, softball, or golf swing with metrics, video, and spray charts *
Blast Vision technology has been integrated into the Blast Baseball 5.0 iOS app as "Ball Flight" and is available with a Premium Services subscription. The stand-along BLAST VISION app is also available through the Apple App Store (link below).

The Blast Vision app gives you the power to visualize the results of your baseball, softball, or golf swing using your iPhone or iPad camera*

The app displays your launch angle, exit velocity / ball speed, and estimated ball flight distance, providing you with real-time swing analysis and voice feedback. Best of all, there’s no charge to try it out for the first two weeks. After that, you can purchase the app and unlock the full functionality for only $9.99 (in-app purchase).

*iPhone (6S or newer) or iPad (Pro or newer). Blast sensor is not required to use the Blast Vision app.
Visualize the results of your swing and see where you hit the ball with interactive spray charts.
Using just your camera, the app captures and clips video overlaid with metrics, displaying the results of your swing.
Review your launch angle, exit velocity / ball speed, and estimated ball flight distance. Track your performance and improve.
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How does it work?

Simply place your phone on a tripod, setup the camera, and hit a few balls into a net in your backyard, batting cage, golf range, or golf club fitting facility. When you’re done with your session, you’ll find each video individually clipped with your metrics overlaid on top to show you a visual representation of each hit. You can review your metrics, replay your video clips in slow-mo, check your ball flight spray chart to see where you hit the ball, and save your best clips to your camera roll or send to a coach for feedback.


Capturing highly accurate post-impact swing metrics has historically required expensive, purpose-build launch monitors using high-speed cameras or radar systems. In comparison, Blast Vision is available for $9.99, runs on iPhone 6S (or newer hardware), and has been tested against several leading launch monitors. When properly calibrated by the user, Blast Vision has proven to have a high degree of accuracy, with launch angle variability (+/- 1 degree) and exit velocity variability (+/- 3-5 MPH). By following the app’s easy to use calibration and framing steps, this degree of accuracy makes Blast Vision a truly groundbreaking mobile product with a price point that makes the most important post-impact hitting stats available for all consumers – not just elite athletes or high-end training facilities.