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The Total Improvement Solution for Golfers

The Solution

The industry’s most accurate swing & stroke analyzer integrated with assessment, coaching, communication, and management tools.

Blast Golf

Swing & Stroke Analyzer + Mobile App

Blast Golf combines sensor-based swing and stroke analysis with auto-edited video clips in an easy to use mobile app. Get real-time feedback with a solution designed to help you train smarter and get better.

Premium Services

Advanced Insights + Blast Connect Subscription

Unlock Advanced Training Levels, insights and Blast Connect, an information management application for mobile and desktop. The Premium Services subscription takes training to the next level with performance tracking, video analysis, training tips, and more.

Train Smarter. Get Better.


Automatically capture valuable putting or full swing metrics every shot. Use the video function to see auto-edited clips with metrics overlaid. Blast Golf does all the work and organizes everything in your library.


Analyze details of each stroke or swing with simple stats and graphs. Blast Golf quickly identifies and highlights areas for improvement.


Valuable insights, training content, analysis and communication tolls allow to get the most out of your individual practice or collaborate with your coach for additional help.


Monitor your progress over time and identify trends in your performance. Set goals and follow a level-based path to improvement.

Sean Lanyi

PGA Director of Player Development

"Working with Blast Golf is the solution for my coaching. The simplicity of the solution and accuracy of data it collects provides me with many ways I can stay connected with my players."

Darrell Kestner

PGA Professional & Golf Coach

"My timing, rhythm, and cadence have always been extremely important with my putting stroke. Blast provides a solution that makes this measureable and available to my students."

Casey Lubahn

Michigan State Men’s Golf Coach

"This device has significantly benefited our program and countless players around the world."

Mark Bentley

PGA Professional &
MB Golf Studio Owner

"What the ball does is the only thing that matters in golf. Some players just want to know what they need to improve, others want to know the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’. The Blast data shows what and why the ball behaves as it does. Blast information helps give them the answer and is simple to explain, without information overload."

Blast Vision

See beyond impact with ball speed, launch angle, and estimated carry distance metrics, synced to auto-edited video clips and dispersion charts.

Blast Connect

An information management application for desktop and mobile. Organize, analyze, store and share information with your teammates, coach or instructor at any time, from anywhere.

Blast Benefits

Training Motivation

Utilize Blast video, metrics, performance tracking, and sessions to compete against yourself or other team members.

Shorten the Feedback Loop

Work with real-time metrics, instant analysis tools, video annotation, and voice announcements to provide the best path for improvement.

Benchmark Performance

Compare current performance versus historical information to identify trends and reinforce positive actions.

Improve Confidence

Track your performance over time and use simple graphs and charts to mark improvement.

Win More Tournaments

Use the same solution trusted by over 200 Tour Professionals to take your game to the next level.

Blast Education

Blast offers in-person certifications and weekly webinars to help educate you on Blast.
We also have a Blast Coach Finder tool to find nearby Blast Coaches!

The Tools To Get The Job Done

Get More From Your Swing & Stroke Analyzer With Premium Services

More Than A Swing & Stroke Analyzer...

The Complete Solution

Swing & Stroke Analysis

Live swing analysis: timing, tempo, speed and more. Capture and review putting and full swing metrics. Use the video function to see auto-edited clips with metrics overlaid.

Blast Vision

Blast Vision lets you visualize the results of your swing. See exit velocity, launch angle, and estimated carry distance with auto-edited video clips, session reports, and dispersion charts.

Advanced Tools & Insights

Quickly improve with advanced training levels and gain insights on areas for improvement. Use video analysis, create custom training programs, track rounds and utilize game management tools.

Case Studies

JJ Wood

We recently spent some time with JJ Wood at Golf Performance Group and talked about how he uses Blast to make his students better.

Sean Lanyi

Learn more about why Sean Lanyi uses Blast Golf in his coaching. 


PGA Tour

Over 200 Tour Players use Blast Golf to train, analyze, track progress, and improve performance.


SDSU Golf Team uses Blast Golf to analyze, track, and improve players.

Top 100 Instructors

Many of the Top 100 Instructors use Blast Golf to analyze student performance and provide focused instruction.

Golf Channel Academy

Golf Channel Academy trusts Blast Golf as their Official Technology Partner to deliver a leading-edge player development solution.

Blast Partners with Golf Channel Academy & Proponent Group


Send us your Diamond Kinetics or Zepp Sensor and purchase a Blast Swing & Stroke Analyzer for just $75!