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Remote coaching

Remote coaching can be easy when using technology to stay in touch with your athletes and to help them get better. Blast connects you with your players to analyze swing metrics and videos, send them feedback, and create customized training plans for improvement. Check out the resource links and videos below for additional information on remote coaching and staying in touch with your team / players while they’re remote or at home.

Getting Started


  • Login to Blast Connect
  • Invite players to join your academy / team
    (provides you with access to their Blast metrics and videos)
  • Have players begin training with Blast
  • Review player progress in Blast Connect and provide coaching feedback


Player Swing Video Analysis with Blast Connect

Learn how to analyze a player's swing, add markups and voice overs, and compare two swings with Blast Connect.

Create a Leaderboard in Blast Connect

Learn how to review player rankings and create a leader board in Blast Connect.

Reviewing Player Data in Blast Connect

Learn how to sort, select, and review a player's data in Blast Connect.

Generate a Team Report - Export to Excel (CSV)

Learn how to sort player data, generate a team report, and export swing scores and metrics to Excel or CSV.

Offline Swing Capture - Download to Blast Connect

Learn how to download swings to the mobile app and Blast Connect for swings that were captured by the sensor while it was in offline mode or operating in "in-game" mode.

Video Upload to Blast Connect

Learn how easy it is to record and upload video to Blast Connect so you and your coach can view them.

Help in Blast Connect

Learn how to use the help page and navigate all of the resources Blast can offer.

Looking for more "How To" videos?

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PVC Pipe - Basic

Learn how to use a PVC pipe to help train the body to create a good swing plane.

PCV Pipe - Deep Dive

Take a deeper look at our PVC Pipe drill so you can learn tips and tricks on how to best use the drill and make better hitters.

PVC Pipe - Barnstormers

Learn how to use a PVC pipe to help train the body to create a good swing plane.

PVC Pipe - Advanced

Staying connected and sequencing from the ground up is key. Try our advanced PVC pipe drill to challenge your hitters to make adjustments with their body and their posture.

Power - Pre-workout Routine

There are ways to train your swing without a bat and balls. These stretches and circuits are great for at home work or to do on a daily basis as a warm-up routine. Use these as a guideline and help develop a routine that is best for you.

Power - Med Ball Toss

Learn how to use the med ball to train your core strength to help gain more rotational acceleration.

Power - Advanced Med Ball Toss

Learn how to use the med ball to train your core strength to help gain more rotational acceleration.

Power - Impact Bag

Learn how to use the impact bag to help stay connected and improve Power, Bat Speed, On Plane percentage, and Vertical Bat Angle.

Internal and External Queues

Simple bat balancing drill to explain internal and external queues. Internal queues have to do with the hitters specific movements, while external queues focus on the result and allow us to focus on executing the task. Both are great for training.

Youth Stance Basics

When coaching young hitters, it's important that their setup and hitting position is both balanced and athletic.

Early Connection & Connection at Impact

Learn about the differences between Early Connection and Connection at Impact.

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Coach's Insider - Presented by Blast

With our “Coach’s Insider” webinar series, you’ll be learning first-hand how college, academy, high school, and travel ball coaches are helping their players remain “game ready” while remote. We have some of the industry’s best coaches lined-up to share their thoughts on player development, remote training, and how they are using Blast.


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