Become a Human Highlight Reel


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Become a Human Highlight Reel: Talent is talent and great highlights are great highlights, but the bar for quality highlight videos is being set higher than ever. With all the technology available, there are so many things an athlete can do to show off their skills. DIY highlight videos are starting to look like they were produced by professionals. Check out a few beastly highlights put together by athletes with Blast Motion.

Gotta get Up to Get Down with a 48” Vert!

Youngsters Leap Out of the Gym in High School Slam

Bringing Down the House

Recognizing the trend amongst athletes to share their videos and one-up each other’s highlights, we coupled sensor technology with a video editing app, allowing athletes to take their highlights up yet another level. Our app auto curates videos by identifying action shots and clipping video around it. To “slam” the point home, it also adds adaptive slo-mo technology to heighten those crowning highlight moments. The sensor easily clips onto your shorts and syncs with the app to over-lay metric builds on the video in real-time. As you saw, the results are quality highlights that can be created by anyone.

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