Consistent Timing and Tempo for Every Club in Your Bag


consistent timing

Blast Golf may be best known for our use on putting greens around the country, but it’s actually a highly effective training tool for every club in your bag. Whether you’re dialing in your driver, working on mid irons, or honing your short game, you can shave strokes from more than just your putting game. Putting is often the foundation of a golfer’s game and a great place to start working on the basics of consistent timing and tempo.

consistent timing

Blast Coach Brad Faxon, says, “The best putters in the world have very consistent timing, regardless of the length of the putt.” After working with more than 200 Tour Professionals, and analyzing millions of putts, we know that the best putters in the world have a Backstroke time of 0.6 seconds and a Forward Stroke time of 0.3 seconds, creating a tempo ratio of 2:1. In other words, your backstroke should take twice as long as your forward stroke, and your total putting stroke should be completed in just under one second. With Blast, you can train to develop that smooth, consistent stroke you see on TV.


As important as timing and tempo are on the greens, developing consistent timing with all of your clubs is a sure way to build a solid swing. When talking to Martin Hall, Blast Coach and Golf Channel Host about this topic, he is passionate in his response: “You can find out what your best tempo is with every given club in your bag with Blast Golf. We know how the pros swing the club and that’s a really good starting point, but it doesn’t mean you have to match them.”

consistent timing

By seeing the ranges of each metric that the pros have and strive after, you can improve your game. When asked the best way any player can improve, Hall said, “If you can narrow the difference between your best and your worst, you’ll play well. What’s the best way to do that? Tempo. Tempo will do it.”


When you implement Blast Golf into your practice routine, you are using the same technology that the top golf coaches and players use to improve their game. Get yours today

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