Blast Baseball & Blast Softball – 4.2 Updates


Blast Baseball and Blast Softball app updates were released this week. Here is everything you need to know about the 4.2 app updates:

Visual Dashboards

Visualize progress and monitor goals with new circle and bar graphs.

app updates 4.2 app updates bar graphs


On-Plane Marker

Identify when your hitters start getting on plane with the On Plane event marker.

4.2 app updates - on plane marker

The marker will appear when you scrub the video and will hide once you let go to avoid covering the video. This feature requires a Blast Connect subscription to access the premium metric, On Plane.


New Calendar Tool

Filter swings and sessions by the equipment that was used.

4.2 app updates - filter by equipment 4.2 app updates - calendar tool


Export Videos for Annotation

Send videos to the Blast Connect Mobile app for annotation and easily share annotated videos with players. A subscription to Blast Connect is required and the Blast Connect Mobile app must be installed.

4.2 app updates - export to blast connect mobile 4.2 app updates - export to blast connect mobile


Video Export

No more mixing up players’ videos. Every video export now includes the player’s name and equipment used in the top left-hand corner.

4.2 app updates - video export

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