Blast Softball Sensors Approved for all In-Game Competitions by Premier Girls Fastpitch


Blast Motion and Premier Girls Fastpitch (PGF) are excited to announce that Blast Softball sensors have been approved for all PGF events and competitions. As the Official Sensor Technology of PGF, Blast Motion is the first bat sensor permitted in PGF games. This allows players and coaches to capture, analyze, and better understand batters’ outcomes through swing data.

Blast Softball sensors in-game

By using Blast Softball sensors, PGF players have access to the same technology and information available to over 100 colleges and universities, including multiple SEC, PAC 12, and ACC softball programs, as well as the National Pro Fastpitch (NPF) and Major League Baseball®.

“Until Today, Blast technology has measured practice performance and provided great value. Now, PGF players and coaches can capture and compare practice swings to in-game swings and this is a huge advantage! This allows the ability to understand and simplify hitting tendencies and make adjustments more efficiently,” said Dan Hay, PGF President.

Blast Softball sensors in-game

The Blast Softball Premium Solution includes a bat sensor that easily and securely attaches to the knob of any bat, the Blast Softball app that provides instant feedback with advanced swing metrics, and Blast Connect for long-term data storage, advanced analytics, and reporting. By easily tracking improvement, the Blast Softball Premium Solution helps build athletes’ confidence and provides validation for coaches.

Blast Softball sensors in-gameCustom team packages are available for teams of all sizes and all levels of play. To learn more, fill out this form and a Blast representative will contact you shortly to discuss options.

PGF parents and players will get $25 off Blast Softball sensors by purchasing them from and entering pgf25 at checkout.

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