How Seton Hall Softball Effectively Implements Blast on a Budget


We recently sat down with Seton Hall Softball Coach Daniel Nicolaisen to discuss the value he sees in implementing Blast technology into the program. Here’s what he had to say:

“Blast Motion is an incredible, affordable technology that gives us data that allows us to dig deeper. Not only can I get a view of where our entire team is, but I can dig in and see how each player is trending, how our team is trending, and set goals of where we’re trying to go.

Blast also helps in terms of developing consistent hitters, squaring balls up and seeing how our team is responding to different types of training and how some players need to steer away from what the overall team needs to do.

The return on investment is fantastic. We’ve made huge strides in terms of our offensive production largely due to an accurate assessment protocol. We not only use it to evaluate and assess when the girls come in the fall, but we also track trends and figure out how we’re moving throughout the season and who’s going in what direction and who to seek out, who maybe needs a little bit more help and who’s on a good track.

To anyone thinking of implementing Blast, I would definitely say, get on board, regardless of the size of your budget for player development. You can create a Blast Motion station, teach them how to use it and see how to incorporate it into your practice workflow. Then once practice is done, you can sit and check out the Blast Connect platform to get a feel for how your team is currently performing.

I think you’re going to see more programs implement technology and newer age ideas of how to swing a bat. I definitely see technology like Blast as a must have. Otherwise, you’re going to fall behind.”

To view more Seton Hall content with Daniel Nicolaisen, visit our Youtube page.

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