New Blast Golf App (4.2)


The new Blast Golf App for iOS has arrived!

The new features in the 4.2 release were designed to enhance your experience while you improve your game.



With a new user interface, you now have streamlined navigation and a clear path to improvement. The level-based training will guide you on your journey to master individual pieces of your stroke or swing. We added charts and graphs so you can visualize your progress and track performance against your goals. Session reports and new Training Center content will provide you with the insights and direction to train like the pro’s and take your game to the next level.

New Design – We’ve refreshed our design based on golfer, coach, and golf team feedback to deliver a more powerful training experience.

New Blast Golf App (4.2) - Layout

Sessions – Players can create custom sessions with titles and notes, allowing swings to be grouped for easy review and searching.

Blast Levels – Follow a training plan and learn to master timing, speed, and direction.

New Blast Golf App (4.2) - Levels

Swing Comparison – Compare two swings side-by-side, auto-synced at impact with Blast’s adaptive slow-mo technology, allowing detailed swing analysis.

Coach Mode – Manage team roster, quickly switch between users, review auto-clipped video highlights with metrics overlay, and player progress graphs.

New Blast Golf App (4.2) - Graphs

Portrait Video – Record video in landscape or portrait mode, allowing you to get the shot you need for HD video analysis.

Goals – Review recommended metric ranges based on your level of play or set your own target to hit.

New Blast Golf App (4.2) - Goals

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