Data Drives Success: Three Premium Metrics You Should Know


Coaches and athletes must pay critical attention to metrics and numbers, as data determines whether an athlete is progressing or not. At Blast Motion, we understand the relevance of feedback mechanisms and how they accelerate learning development.

“You can actually use metrics to be able to [learn] more quickly,” says Patrick Cherveny, Blast biomechanist. “If somebody’s not generating a lot of bat speed, for example, you work on different rotation drills, and the body rotation metric that Blast has actually helps accelerate that process, to make sure that you’re sequencing properly.”





To explain further, Cherveny says to monitor three premium metrics to improve an athlete’s swing:

1. On-Plane %
With on-plane %, you want stabilized metrics. This demonstrates an athlete can keep down alterations in arm movement patterns in the swing. If metrics do not remain consistent, athletes should adjust movements through the rest of their body, such as pitch location and pitch speed.

2. Body Rotation
“The amount of rotation you have in your swing and the sequencing of the rotation is ultimately what produces the speed in the swing, so you can train around that concept,” says Cherveny. If we look at it in terms of the rotation versus on plane, how you produce power and generate speed comes from your rotation. But if your body rotates independently of your hands, you do not necessarily transfer that out.

3. Vertical Bat Angle
Vertical bat angle ties to your posture, which significantly effects how you connect in the swing. If an athlete displays a vertical bat angle of only negative 10 or negative 15, a hitting coach can tell right away the player tends to stand up more at impact.

Although many play for fun, sports are not as entertaining when athletes watch others win and surpass their performance levels. They can combat this by incorporating data outcomes into a training regime, as metrics provide one of the most tangible ways for athletes to improve.

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