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In baseball, college recruiting has gone from an inexact to an exact science. Blame the technology. The advent of iPhone cameras has turned moms and dads into cinematographers who can film their sons hitting doubles in the gap and then email the video straight to the dream college of their choice. The problem is, once it arrives, the college coach doesn’t want to hear the ma or pa yelling, “Go, go, go!” over the highlight. They want metrics.

Recruiting has become that black and white. With Blast, TrackMan, Rapsodo, Pocket Radar, Hawk-Eye, Yakkertech, pitchLogic, Baseball Cloud, HitTrax —and that’s just the tip of the iceberg—it’s a world of sensors, radars, camera vision, and, ultimately, quantifiable data. College recruiters are a cynical bunch to begin with, so if a mom and dad can send the same double-in-the-gap to a college coach and replace their screaming with analytics, it goes a long way.

“Because in-game metrics are like gold,’’ says Spiker Helms, a coach with the Rawlings Tigers. “Not like. They ARE the gold standard when it comes to marketing yourself to a coach or on social media.’

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  • What top programs look for when recruiting
  • How technology is used in prospect camps
  • The impact of sensors and apps … and so much more!

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