Ways to Use Tech for Workouts, Nutrition, and Softball Hitting Plans – Free E-Book!



Softball loves data. Technology breeds data. But without an understanding of how to incorporate
that data into workable plans, both the technology and the data do not boost results. Knowing
what technology to embrace and how to use it can play a key factor in crafting a hitting plan,
workout regimen and nutrition focus all geared toward a common goal: results on the softball

The experts—from the University of Oklahoma to the University of Florida and places in
between—tell us that having an easy-to-implement plan for your technology translates to
quantifiable results. And solutions fit varying budgets, allowing you to start small and build as
you go or immediately turn your facility into a Division I-style hitting center.


Softball tech took off fast. Arguably the quickest of any sport in the world, says Kyle Attl, Blast
Motion director of professional diamond sports sales and service. With a sudden onslaught of options,
consumers didn’t know where to turn. That’s all changed as the sport’s leaders have focused on
the most meaningful elements of technology, giving athletes a more mainstream way to discern
what works in the cage, on the field, in the gym, and at the dining table.

“We start them at a young age with swing counts, so we can get data on them,” says McKenzie
Long, director of training for Turnin2 Softball. “For us, it is even the accountability of the swing,
and the actual technology piece begins in 13U and 14U when we start to dive into the

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