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A weekend camp becomes much more than a ballplayer showcase when technology enters the fray. By incorporating tech into camps, players and parents enjoy a greater benefit both during the event and for months to follow and camp organizers can provide a more individualized experience while building lasting relationships.

Some of the most sought-after camp settings— from the University of Oklahoma to the University of Florida—have incorporated Blast Motion and other key hitting and pitching technologies into their events, showcasing the value of technology to the campers, while driving interest, engagement, and connection.

Adding technology into a camp setting is a win-win for everyone involved and keeps the camp at the leading edge of the game.


With dozens of players streaming through a weekend camp on a university campus, school coaches run drills and evaluate players, giving pointers along the way.

By incorporating data into the event, those pointers and drills become individualized, specified directly to each camper’s needs.

“Data enhances the process and gives you a better idea of what you’re looking at,” says a Division I player development director. “The eye test is still there, but just having a standard metric takes the guesswork out of it.”

Blast Motion has done on the hitting side what the radar gun did on the pitching side, giving the evaluation of players in the recruiting process key comparable metrics.

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  • The way technology can help extend the camp experience for players
  • How using technology in a camp can help engage parents too
  • Using technology to see how a prospective player compares to your current roster
  • … and so much more!

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