Looking for the Perfect Gift? Get Blast!


Looking to get the perfect gift for the baseball player or softball player in your life? A Blast swing analyzer is an ideal present for those who love baseball or softball – no matter if it’s during the holidays, their birthday, or any day! Here’s why:


1. Own Your Development and Improvement

The Blast swing analyzer makes it easy to own your development. With metrics instantly accessible on your phone or tablet, you can constantly track your progress as you pursue your goals. 

Plus, if your coach uses Blast, they can see your progress as well. If they don’t use Blast, a subscription to Blast Connect makes a great gift for a softball or baseball coach!

2. Train Indoors or Outdoors

With Blast, you can get instant feedback no matter where you’re training. The swing analyzer is small and portable (making it an easy-to-wrap gift!) and can easily be taken from practice to your at-home setup, and anywhere in between. Check out our top tips for indoor training. 

3. See the Impact of Your Environment

Blast can give you critical insights into the impact your environment has on your swing. By using your Blast swing analyzer and setting the environment context to practice or in-game, you can compare your metrics to see how each setting impacts your performance. This information is important and will help you improve your hitting to deliver on-field results.

4. The Right Resources

When you get Blast as a gift for the baseball or softball player in your life, you’re also giving them training resources that they’ll have right at their fingertips. The Training Center provides you with metric definitions, drills, instructional videos on how to use the Blast app, and more. 

Now, the Training Center even provides strength and mobility training videos to show you how your weight room routine can help your swing.

5. Train Like a Pro

By giving Blast as a gift, you can know you’re giving your athlete the swing analyzer that’s trusted by the pros. Nearly every Major League Baseball team uses Blast, as does USA Softball, Olympians, and other top athletes. Blast is the industry’s most accurate swing analyzer, and it will help you train like the pros do.

Tip: Want a gift idea for your baseball player or softball player in addition to a Blast swing analyzer? Put together a gift basket with a swing analyzer, Blast carrying case, new glove or bat, and their favorite game day snacks!

For information on utilizing Blast sensors, click here for baseball or click here for softball.


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