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YOUTH - High School
Coaching with Blast

The industry standard for swing analysis, player development, and recruiting.

Get Started for About $600

Coaching Youth – High School with Blast

Subscription: Monthly for Players

Get up and running with a minimal investment or outfit the entire team for a year with a full team package. With a coach account, swing analyzer, and monthly seasonal player subscriptions, you can start realizing all the value that Blast provides. This allows you to get real-time feedback during training and you’ll gain full access to Blast Connect, where you can review your player swing analysis data, perform roster management, and review team reports. Complete the form at the bottom of the page for additional information.

Full Team Package

High School, College & Academies

Subscription: Annual for Players

The Full Team Package is optimized for player development throughout the year and includes everything you need to equip EVERY player with the Blast Full Solution. It includes coach accounts, swing analyzers, and yearly Premium Services subscriptions for all players. This allows you to gain full visibility to player performance during the season and manage your roster, while helping players continue their training post-season and use their Blast data to create player profiles that will help them get recruited. This package includes discounted pricing that's customized to your coaching needs.

See Blast in ACTION

See how Alamo Heights in San Antonio, TX has implemented the complete Blast solution into their High School program for player development.


Blast technology is now utilized by all collegiate levels, from the Power 5 Conferences to Junior Colleges, and thousands of high schools, elite travel teams, and organization customers for coaching, training, and recruiting.



Blast Data helps Coaches and Players get better every day. Here’s how:

Live & IN-GAME Modes

Designed to easily fit your coaching workflow.


Capture and analyze your swing in real-time.

IN-GAME / Offline

Collect and store training or in-game swings on the sensor. Analyze offline in the app or on Blast Connect.

The Solution

The industry’s most accurate swing analyzer integrated with assessments, coaching, communication, and management tools.

Blast Baseball

Swing Analyzer & Mobile App

IMPROVE YOUR SWING: Blast Baseball combines sensor-based swing analysis with auto-edited video clips in an easy to use mobile app. Get real-time feedback with a solution designed to help you coach smarter and get better.

Premium Services

Advanced Insights + Blast Connect Subscription

TRAINING & ASSESSMENT: Unlock Advanced Metrics, Training Insights and Blast Connect, an information and player management application for mobile and desktop. The Premium Services subscription takes coaching to the next level with advanced reporting, roster mgt., video analysis, and more.