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Blast Vision Ball Flight App for Baseball, Softball, or Golf

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With the Blast Vision Ball Flight app, you have the power to visualize the results of your baseball, softball, or golf swing from the convenience of your mobile phone.

ball flight app

You’ll get the most important features of a professional launch monitor to help you understand the effect of your swing, without the expense. Blast Vision will display your launch angle, exit velocity or ball speed, and estimated ball flight distance, providing you with real-time analysis and voice feedback.

Best of all, there’s no charge to try it out for the first two weeks.

The Blast Vision app uses your mobile camera to capture, clip, and analyze video of your ball flight.

ball flight app

Analyze Sessions: Visualize the results of your swing and see where you hit the ball with interactive spray charts.

ball flight app

Capture & Replay: Using just your camera, the app captures and clips video overlaid with metrics, displaying the results of your swing.

ball flight app

Train & Improve: Review your launch angle, exit velocity / ball speed, and estimated ball flight distance. Track your performance and improve.

The ball flight launch monitor measures four metrics:

Baseball & Softball – Exit Velocity, Launch Angle, Distance, and Field Location

Golf – Ball Speed, Launch Angle, Carry Distance, and Golf Range Location

How does it work?

Simply place your phone on a tripod (or hold the phone still by hand) 6-12 feet away from the ball. For best results, we recommend using a tripod and setting it up 10+ feet away from where contact will be made. Then, enter that distance into the app. Next, hit record and take a few swings.

Watch how to setup and calibrate for Baseball.

Watch how to setup and calibrate for Softball.

Watch how to setup and calibrate for Golf.

When you’re done with your session, you’ll find each video individually clipped with your stats overlaid on top to show you a visual representation of each hit. You can review your stats, replay your video clips in slow-mo, check your ball flight spray chart to see where you hit the ball, and save your best clips to your camera roll or a coach for feedback.

What devices does it work with? 

iPhone (6S or newer) and iPad (Pro or newer)

Try Blast Vision for Free

  • Free – Two-week trial
  • Access to all metrics and spray charts
  • Access to the last 50 swings
  • Ability to export 25 videos
  • Free – After two-week trial
  • Must create a Blast account
  • Access to the last 50 swings
  • Ability to export 25 videos
  • No access to spray charts
  • All data is captured and will be revealed if the user upgrades
  • Premium – One-time purchase $9.99
  • Full app functionality